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When troubleshooting the delivery failure of an AutoSupport notification, you enter the autsupport history show command. In this scenario, what Information would you expect the command output to show? (Choose two.)

A.    time of the last update
B.    status of the delivery
C.    size of the AutoSupport notification
D.    IP address of the destination

Answer: BD

Referring to the exhibit. A customer is attempting to protect the source volume listed in the exhibit. They try to initialize a DP mirror relationship to the destination volume but it will not initialize as expected. Which two settings on the destination volume are causing this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    language
B.    type
C.    volume size
D.    max-autosize

Answer: BD

Referring to the exhibit. A customer contacts you and asks for assistance in determining which ports can be used for a new broadcast domain on a clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.2 system. The system is serving LUNs using the FC protocol and is in production. However, for Ethernet traffic, it is not yet in production. The customer provides you the output of the network port show command. Referring to the exhibit, which ports will be eligible to create a new broadcast domain without impacting production storage virtual machines (SVMs) serving FC LUNs?

A.    any port in the cluster broadcast domain on node1 and node2
B.    any port on model
C.    any port in the Default broadcast domain on node1 and node2
D.    any port on node2

Answer: C

Which two capabilities does the Flash Cache feature have that the Flash Pool feature does not have? (Choose two.)

A.    Flash Cache works for all aggregates assigned to a node.
B.    Flash Cache is a read-only cache.
C.    Cached data is available and unaffected by takeover events.
D.    Compressed blocks are cached.

Answer: AB

Referring to the exhibit. Your customer has recently migrated from their FAS3140 system running Data ONTAP 7.3.7 to a FAS2552 system running Data ONTAP 8.2.3 7-Mode through the head upgrade process. They are no longer receiving the weekly AutoSupport notifications and want to know why. The exhibit shows the AutoSupport options from the nodes that have the same settings. In this scenario, which solution is correct?

A.    There is no reason on the FAS2552 side why the customer should not receive the AutoSupport notifications.
They should investigate their mail server to troubleshoot this issue.
B.    In Data ONTAP 8.2, weekly AutoSupport notifications are no longer sent to the recipient, but only to and to
The customer needs to add their e-mail address to one of these options.
C.    In Data ONTAP 8.2, the protocol for AutoSupport is changed to HTTPS by default, so the customer must have an HTTPS destination for the AutoSupport data.
D.    In Data ONTAP 8.2, weekly AutoSupport notifications are no longer sent to all recipients to reduce the mail load.
The customer should add their e-mail address to the autosupport partner to option.

Answer: B

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