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A customer mentions that after replacing a failed power supply, their FAS2220 system is now unavailable. Which statement is correct In this scenario?

A.    The FAS2220 system requires that the power supply is replaced within two minutes after removal.
B.    The power supply is not hot-swappable on a FAS2220.
C.    The FAS2220 system requires both power supplies properly functioning to serve data.
D.    The FAS2220 system shut down after 15 minutes due to having only one power supply installed.

Answer: A
Replacing a power supply involves turning off, disconnecting, and removing the old power supply. Installing a power supply involves installing, connecting, and turning on the replacement power supply. You must replace a power supply within two minutes of removal to prevent system shutdown due to disruption of airflow.

Which database must be installed for deployments of OnCommand Unified Manager 6.x and OnCommand Performance Manager for Linux installations?

A.    Oracle
B.    MS SQL Server
C.    Sybase
D.    MySQL

Answer: D

Referring to the exhibit. A customer receives “CLUSTER NMWORK DEGRADED” AutoSupport messages from this clustered Data ONTAP system. The customer suspects that something occurred physically to the nodes after they had a data center maintenance move. The customer proceeds to follow the instructions in the Knowledge Base article regarding the “Error: CLUSTER NETWORK DEGRADED” message that results in the output shown In the exhibit. After analysis, the customer decides to replace the small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers and the cables on the system. Which statistic supports the customer’s analysis?

A.    BCast pkts
B.    CRC errors
C.    Jumbo frames
D.    Multi/broadcast

Answer: B

An administrator reviewing the message logs for a node notices an instance of a node reporting duplicate IPs for approximately ten seconds. Data access was not reported as interrupted during that time. In this scenario, which process would generate these messages?

A.    vldb
B.    mgwd
C.    bcomd
D.    vifmgr

Answer: D

Referring to the exhibit. A storage administrator tells you that a company security mandate was applied to remove all CIFS share level permissions of everyone – full control. Now users are unable to access CIFS shares. The storage virtual machine (SVM) is named “SVMl” on clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1. The storage administrator wants to know what can be done to restore full control access to users that are receiving “access denied” errors. The storage administrator has provided you with the vserver cifs share show command output of one of the CIFS shares with issues as shown in the exhibit. Which two steps must you perform to solve the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Execute the ::> vserver cifs share access-control delete -vserver SVMl -share test9 -user-or-group Everyone command from the controller.
B.    Execute the ::> vserver cifs share access-control delete -vserver SVMl -share test9 -user-or-group domainA \interngroup command from the controller.
C.    Ensure that, in Active Directory, the desired users are members of the domainA\temps group.
D.    Ensure that, in Active Directory, the desired users are members of the domainA\companyusers group.

Answer: BD

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