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You have an aggregate with 10 TB of free space. You create a 5 TB volume with space-guarantee set to none and fractional reserve set to 0. Inside the volume, you create a 100 GB space-reserved LUN. In this scenario, how much free space is left in the aggregate?

A.    9.8 TB
B.    9.9 TB
C.    5 TB
D.    10 TB

Answer: B

You just set up a new clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 environment and want to monitor volume performance. Which two commands or products would help you accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    OnCommand Performance Manager
B.    Quality of Service (QoS) commands
C.    OnCommand System Manager
D.    Syslog Server

Answer: BC

Your storage system has experienced a double-disk failure. When is this scenario considered to be in double-degraded mode?

A.    when two disks failed on a node
B.    when two disks failed on a single aggregate
C.    when two disks failed in a single RAID group
D.    when two disks failed on a single disk shelf

Answer: C

A Linux client is experiencing low throughput when reading a very large file using NFS. Network counters suggest there is packet drop in the network. To confirm whether dropped packets affect the Linux client, you are collecting network traces from the affected systems. In this scenario, which two actions would be used? (Choose two.)

A.    Use the tcpdump command on the Linux system.
B.    Use the pktt command on the NetApp controller.
C.    Use the traceroute command on the network switch.
D.    Use the tcptrace command on a Windows client In a separate subnet.

Answer: BC

Which statement is true about a switch less cluster?

A.    A switchless cluster can only be used for a system with two controllers in one chassis configuration.
B.    A switch less cluster can support up to one node per cluster port.
C.    In a switchless cluster, the network options switchless-cluster -enabled parameter must be set to true.
D.    Converting a switch less cluster to a switched cluster is disruptive.

Answer: C

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