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Referring to the exhibit.
Which two steps would you perform to correct the problem shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

A.    Reseat the power supplies.
B.    Perform a takeover and giveback.
C.    Replace the shelf chassis.
D.    Reseat the shelf modules.

Answer: BD

When a write from a SAN host is received, the information is written within a storage controller before going to RAID. In this scenario, which two main components are used? (Choose two.)

A.    Flash Pool
B.    system memory
D.    FlexCache

Answer: BC

A new storage efficiency job is executed on a volume hosting only a thick-provisioned LUN. Although 45% of the space was saved, no extra space was seen by the client. In this scenario, which statement is correct?

A.    The client sees only the logical space for the LUN.
B.    There are volume Snapshot copies that were taken before the efficiency job.
C.    The client needs to re-scan the volume to detect the changes.
D.    The volume is thin provisioned.

Answer: C

A hosting company is about to deploy a Microsoft Hyper-V environment connected to NetApp storage. They want to know which version of SMB and Data ONTAP should be deployed in this environment that supports continuously available shares. In this scenario, what do you tell the customer?

A.    Data ONTAP /Mode and SMB 3
B.    clustered Data ONTAP and SMB 3
C.    clustered Data ONTAP and SMB 2.1
D.    Data ONTAP 7 Mode and SMB 2.1

Answer: B

After a storage administrator turned off IP fast path, all the NFS clients lost connectivity to the storage controller. Which statement describes what happened in this scenario?

A.    The NFS clients are using NFS over UDP.
B.    All clients are in the local broadcast domain.
C.    The ARP cache Ss flushed when IP fast path disabled.
D.    No default gateway is configured.

Answer: A

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