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Referring to the exhibit.
You are provided output from the sysconfig -a and sysconfig –r commands of a MetroCluster cluster for disk switch1:15.45 SN#J9YG1U3L, as shown in the exhibit. Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    The disk is located at the filer2 site.
B.    The disk is located in switch3.
C.    The disk is located at the filer3 site.
D.    The disk is in shelf 2 bay 13.

Answer: CD

A user on an NFSv4 client is listing a directory and sees the file in an is -1 listing shown below:
“rwr——1 nobody nobody 10767 Mar 24 2016 party.txt”
The customer would like to know why the user and group shows as “nobody”. Which statement would explain why this is happening?

A.    The permissions does not allow for listing the owner.
B.    There is an NFSv4 ID domain mismatch.
C.    There is no owner or group set on the file.
D.    The file resides on an NTFS style volume.

Answer: B
The id-domain settings are out of order. How to determine if this is the cause? On an NFS v4 mounted directory, all the files and directories are listed as ‘owned’, and group as owned by ‘nobody’. Additionally, the following EMS message is displayed, which indicates that the client’s domain does not match the Vserver’s domain: Nblade.Nfsv4NsdbDomainMismatch. The EMS message is displayed when the error is encountered.

As part of your backup policy, you configured a local snapshot schedule on your production volume. You review the list of Snapshot copies and you do not see a snapshot from last night. What are two causes for this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    The volume had 255 Snapshot copies.
B.    A storage takeover happened.
C.    Snapshot autodelete is enabled.
D.    The volume snapshot reserve was decreased.

Answer: AD
The limit imposed by Data ONTAP for retaining Snapshot copies is 255. However, if you need to retain more than 255 Snapshot copies, you can do so by creating a new volume.

Your customer using clustered Data ONTAP 8.1.2 recently had a disk drive fail. They already swapped out the failed disk for a replacement disk. They call you the next day explaining that the disk is not showing up in the spare disk pool. In this scenario, what are two reasons for this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    The replacement disk drive needs to be manually un-failed before the disk will show up as a spare.
B.    Autoassign is turned off, leaving the disk unassigned; the customer needs to take ownership of the replaced disk before it will show up as a spare disk.
C.    The disk ID needs to be removed from the failed disk registry before the disk will be seen as a spare.
D.    Autoassign is set to on, but the disk shelves in the loop are shared between a high-availability (HA) pair, causing the disk to show up as unassigned.

Answer: BC

Referring to the exhibit. A database administrator explains that the backup job scheduled to complete by 7:00 AM is not completing as fast as expected. You log in to theFAS3240 system and execute a few commands and obtain the output shown in the exhibit. Which system resource would you eliminate as a eliminate as a problem based on the command output?

A.    memory
B.    network
C.    disk
D.    CPU

Answer: A

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