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Referring to the exhibit. The exhibit shows an overview of a customer’s network design. The customer is experiencing ping loss. As part of the troubleshooting process, you receive output by using the if grp status command from the node shell.
In this scenario, what is the customer’s problem?

A.    The interface group on the controller is not using the default type, causing a connection mismatch with the switch.
B.    Link aggregation is not active on the switch, despite being in the design.
C.    Virtual interface (VIF) is deprecated in clustered Data ONTAP because the interface group is not working as it should.
D.    Virtual LANs (VLANs) are not used, which causes the interfaces to be overloaded.

Answer: C

You are creating a disk-partitioned root aggregate. Which two rules are enforced automatically when accomplishing this task? (Choose two.)

A.    A RAID group cannot have more than one partition from the same disk.
B.    A RAID group can have more than one partition from the same disk.
C.    The only supported RAID type for aggregates containing root-data partitioned disks is RAID-DP.
D.    The only supported RAID type for aggregates containing root-data partitioned disks is RAID 4.

Answer: AC

What is the next step if you must escalate an open case?

A.    Upload the support case and core data files to NetApp Suport and to Engineering.
B.    Clustered Data ONTAP triggers the AutoSupport mechanism automatically again.
C.    Call NetApp Support and ask to speak to the duty manager.
D.    Call NetApp Support and open a new case.

Answer: C

You are planning to move to a newer clustered Data ONTAP version. Which two resources should you review prior to the move? (Choose two.)

A.    Software Setup Guide
B.    IMT
C.    Upgrade Advisor
D.    System Administration Guide for Cluster Administrators

Answer: BC

A 2 node cluster (Node-1 and Node-2) has suffered a takeover event. The down node (Node-1) is currently waiting for giveback. However, it is unsure if the node will boot successfully. The client suffer any data outage. Which command would you use to perform the giveback?

A.    CLUSTER::> storage failover giveback -of node Node-1-only-do-aggregates
B.    CLUSTER::> storage failover giveback -from node Node-2
C.    CLUSTER::> storage failover giveback -of node Node-1-require-partner-waiting false
D.    CLUSTER::> storage failover giveback -of node Node-1-override-vetoes true cannot

Answer: B

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