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According to NetApp best practices, which method should be used for zoning?

A.    Single initiator, multiple targets
B.    Multiple initiator, single target
C.    Single initiator, single target
D.    Multiple initiator, multiple targets

Answer: C

A company has a 4-node ONTAP cluster called “cl01”. Each node uses two UTA2 ports for data traffic, so that LAN traffic and SAN traffic pass over the same physical ports. A storage virtual machine called “svm1” is created and enabled for iSCSI only. An administrator creates a LUN in svm1 and maps it to an igroup. Storage is scanned on the end host, but the LUN is not visible. What caused this problem?

A.    The SVM firewall policy blocking port 3260 on the data LIFs
B.    The igroup does not contain the appropriate initiators
C.    Switch zoning is not configured properly to allow connectivity
D.    One of the Ifs is not online and communicating with the end host.

Answer: D

You are asked to create a volume and lun, both of which need to be thin provisioned. In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A.    Use the lun create command with the space-reserve parameter set to disabled
B.    Use the lun create command with the space-reserve parameter set to enabled
C.    Use the volume create command with the space-guarantee parameter set to none
D.    Use the volume create command with the space-guarantee parameter set to volume

Answer: AC

An Administrator has an ONTAP 9.1 cluster. The cluster contains a number of volumes with data writes as shown in the exhibit. Adaptive compression is enabled, and the initial space savings that are shown are achieved. The administrator has enabled data compaction on the volumes. Referring to the exhibit. How many ONTAP blocks would be used to hold the data after data compaction is enabled?

A.    11
B.    6
C.    10
D.    8

Answer: D

You have expanded your ONTAP cluster from two nodes to four nodes and want to allow Linux multipathing software to see the paths to all nodes in the cluster. In this scenario, which statement describes how to accomplish this task?

A.    Add the WWPN to the host igroup then rescan from the host.
B.    Rescan from the host OS and modify the reporting nodes to add the two new nodes.
C.    Modify the reporting nodes to add the two new nodes the rescan from the host OS.
D.    Rescan from the host OS then add the WWPN to the host igroup.

Answer: C

The Linux Host Utilities 7.1 configures settings for which three protocols? (Choose three.)

A.    NFS
B.    iSCSI
C.    SMB
D.    FCoE

Answer: ABD

You need to determine the maximum LUN size per host operating system. Which resource has this information?

A.    Logical Storage Management Guide
B.    SAN administration guide
C.    Software Setup guide
D.    SAN configuration guide

Answer: D

Referring to port 3 in the exhibit, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A.    Port 3 shows two LIFs connected.
B.    The speed is hard coded to 16GB.
C.    Port 3 shows one LIF connected.
D.    The speed is set to auto and negotiated to 16GB.

Answer: CD

Your vSphere administrator asked you to create an additional 5GB boot LUN for their new ESX1 installation. To complete this request, you have entered the following CLI commands:
lun create -vserver svm1 -volume boot -lun exsi_1 -size 5G -ostype vmware igroup create -vserver svm1 -igroup esxi_1 -protocol fcp -ostype vmware -initiator 50:01:43:80:05:68:5f:B6
However, the vSphere administrator has reported that they are unable to see the newly configured LUN. What must you do to solve the problem?

A.    Reboot the ES XI server.
B.    License the duster for FC.
C.    Map your LUN to the igroup.
D.    Create a new SAN LIF.

Answer: C

You are configuring a Fibre Channel SAN in your cluster for the first time. In this scenario, which switch feature is required for ONTAP Fibre Channel SAN to operate correctly?

A.    Dynamic Path Selection (DPS)
B.    Forward Error Correction (FEC)
C.    N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)
D.    iSCSI Type, Length, Value (TLV)

Answer: C

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