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Which three components must be verified in the IMT to ensure a support FC configuration? (Choose three.)

A.    The FC HBA that is installed in the host
B.    The OS patch level or service pack
C.    The volume manager that is being used on the host
D.    The size and quantity of the internal disks
E.    The amount of memory that is installed in the host

Answer: ABC

A customer has four SVMs on a 4-node cluster. Each SVM has two FC LIFs per node, for a total of eight LIFs per node. According to Netapp Best practices, what is the minimum number of ports required per node for this configuration?

A.    16
B.    4
C.    8
D.    2

Answer: D

You have a host that loses connectivity to a LUN after a volume is moved from one node to another node in the cluster. You verified that you do not have a problem with the cluster, a switch, or reporting nodes. Which two actions will help determine the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify the HBA timeout settings.
B.    Verify that the SnapDrive version is supported for the host and ONTAP version.
C.    Verify that the SANtricity Storage Manager version is supported on the host.
D.    Verify that MPIO and ALUA are enabled.

Answer: AD

A 4-node cluster is upgraded from clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 to ONTAP 9.1. LUNs that were created after the upgrade are visible only on the target ports of the node that owns the LUN and its HA partner. LUNs that were on the system before the upgrade are visible on all target ports. You want all LUNs to have paths only to the owning HA pair. In this scenario, which non-disruptive action would accomplish this task?

A.    Add reporting nodes to the LUNs created on clustered Data ONTAP 8.2
B.    Add reporting nodes to the LUNs that were created after the upgrade to ONTAP 9.1
C.    Re-create the LUNs that were on the system when clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 was running
D.    Reboot the fabric switches one at a time

Answer: A

A company has Snapmirror configured between two ONTAP clusters. They want to add nodes to one of the clusters at a minimum, which LIF would be required to be defined on the new nodes?

A.    Node-management, data, and intercluster
B.    Node-management and intercluster
C.    Data, node-management, and FC
D.    Node-management

Answer: C

Which two actions are performed by the windows Unified Host Utilities 7.0 installation? (Choose two.)

A.    Create the SVMs and the LUNs in ONTAP
B.    Set the parameters on the host to enable a connection to Netapp storage over SAN protocols
C.    Create zoning on the switch between the host and the Netapp SAN cluster
D.    Set the parameters for certain host bus adapters

Answer: BD

In a new SAN installation, which three components do you verify in the IMT for a supported solution? (Choose three.)

A.    HBA driver
B.    host memory
C.    host OS patch level or Service Pack
D.    application patch level
E.    switch firmware

Answer: ACE

You want to verify that a host will be able to see the storage. A LUN is mapped to an igroup for the host, and both the host and storage are connected to FC switches. Which command will provide the path status information from the switch?

A.    configure
B.    cfgshow
C.    fcping
D.    zoneshow

Answer: B

You have an iSCSI host that is unable to connect to an SVM that is named “svm1” over a LIF that is named “lif1”. The home node and port of lif1 is cl01-01 port e0e. The event log show command displays the error iSCSI:
network interface disabled for use; incoming connection discarded.
Which command would you use to solve the problem?

A.    Broadcast-domain add-ports -broadcast-domain iscsi -ports cl01-01:e0e
B.    iSCSI interface enable -vserver svm1-lif lif1
C.    Network interface modify -vserver svm1 -lif lif1 -failover-group default
D.    Vserver iscsi create -target-alias svm1 -status-admin up -vserver svm1

Answer: B

An administrator has a volume that was created with the storage efficiency features shown in the volume show output. Inside the volume, the administrator creates LUNs lun1 and lun2, lun1 is a 20GB LUN with space reservation enabled. Iun2 is a 30GB LUN with space reservation disabled. 10GB of data is then written to lun2. Referring to the exhibit, how much space is allocated for the volume in the parent aggregate?

A.    30 GB
B.    50 GB
C.    100 GB
D.    10 GB

Answer: C

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