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What is the default Ethernet packet size (or MTU – Maximum Transmission Unit) for Ethernet ports on Ethernet switches?

A.    2112 bytes
B.    9000 bytes
C.    1500 bytes
D.    12000 bytes

Answer: C

When setting up a VLAN for administrative security purposes, which four ports are the only important ports to include in the VLAN? (Choose four.)

A.    Storage Controllers Management Ethernet ports
B.    FC Switches Ethernet port
C.    Hosts iSCSI HBA Ethernet port
D.    Ethernet Switches Management port
E.    Storage Controller iSCSI Ethernet Target ports
F.    Hosts NIC Ethernet port

Answer: ABDF

You are booting a NetApp storage system for the first time. In which order should the various components be powered on?

A.    any tape backup devices, disk shelves, network switches, NetApp controller heads
B.    NetApp controller heads, disk shelves, any tape backup devices, network switches
C.    NetApp controller heads, disk shelves, network switches, any tape backup devices
D.    network switches, disk shelves, any tape backup devices, NetApp controller heads

Answer: D

When booting your NetApp storage system for the first time the system fails to boot. What should you do first to address this problem?

A.    You turn off your storage system and disk shelves, and then turn on the disk shelves.
You then check the quick reference card that came with the disk shelf for information about LED responses.
B.    You re-download the boot image to the compact flash card, then reboot the system.
C.    You look for a description of the problem on the LCD and console.
You then follow the instructions, if provided, on the LCD and console.
D.    You verify disk shelf compatibility and check the disk shelf IDs to verify that the disk shelf 1 (for DS14 series) must be connected to your system.

Answer: C

After completing the configuration of a new Brocade Fibre Channel switch, which command do you use to verify your configuration?

A.    switchshow
B.    show config
C.    configshow
D.    cfgshow

Answer: C

Which native GUI switch tool is used to manage Cisco MDS-Series switches and directors?

A.    Operations Manager
B.    Fabric Manager
C.    Web Tools
D.    Data Fabric Manager

Answer: B

Which configuration for primary block (FC and iSCSI) data does NetApp best practices recommend? (Choose two.)

A.    single controller single shelf
B.    single controller multiple shelves
C.    dual controller single shelf
D.    dual controller multiple shelves

Answer: CD

When running diagnostic tests after an initial installation of a NetApp FAS3000 storage system, which command is used to run a comprehensive set of diagnostic tests on the entire system?

A.    all
B.    comprehensive
C.    full
D.    stress

Answer: A

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