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You are installing a NetApp FAS6040 high availability storage system. Which cfmode should be set to ensure proper failover in an HP-UX environment?

A.    standby
B.    partner
C.    single system image
D.    dual_fabric

Answer: C

You are creating an acceptance test plan and the subject of performance is raised. How should you define what the minimum performance should be?

A.    You should look up the test results for a similar system in previous performance testing and use those numbers.
B.    You should work with the customer to understand their performance expectations and determine the minimum performance they require for the application this system will support.
C.    You should use the published maximum performance specifications for this system.
D.    You should use the published minimum performance specifications for this system.

Answer: B

Which type of multipathing does Linux support?

A.    dm_mp
B.    dsm
C.    mpio
D.    mcs

Answer: A

You need to gather information from the host systems that will be attached to the NetApp storage system using either FC or iSCSI. This information includes operating system version, patch levels, open bus slots, and cards in bus slots. What other information must you gather from the host systems?

A.    bus type (PCIe and/or PCI-x) and video adapters
B.    memory in system and Ethernet ports (both used and free)
C.    bus type (PCIe and/or PCI-x)and Ethernet ports (both used and free)
D.    bus type (PCIe and/or PCI-x) and Serial ports (both used and free)

Answer: C

Which four FC fabric topologies does NetApp support? (Choose four.)

A.    four FC switches with multiple Inter-Switch Links (ISLs) between each pair of switches
B.    ten FC switches per fabric, daisy chained with a single ISL between switches
C.    four FC switches with multiple ISLs between ALL switches
D.    eight FC switches with no more than a single ISL between switches in a cascade topology
E.    dual FC switches with no ISLs
F.    a single FC switch
G.    a switched fabric that has 65537 ports

Answer: ACEF

For which two purposes would the use of VLAN’s be beneficial? (Choose two.)

A.    to isolate iSCSI traffic from LAN/WAN traffic
B.    to separate LAN from WAN traffic
C.    to isolate management traffic from other IP traffic
D.    to isolate UDP from TCP traffic in the IP network
E.    to isolate SSH traffic from other IP traffic

Answer: AC

A company wants to use jumbo frames to improve performance with their iSCSI network. When setting up the Ethernet switches for jumbo frames, which three components need to be configured? (Choose three.)

A.    Ethernet port on Management Console
B.    Ethernet port on RLM
C.    Ethernet port on host system
D.    Ethernet port on storage device
E.    Ethernet port on FC switch
F.    Ethernet switch ports being used

Answer: CDF

A company wants to use jumbo frames in their Ethernet network. They should set the packet size to which industry conventional value?

A.    1200
B.    1500
C.    9000
D.    12000

Answer: C

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