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You are about to replace a failed Brocade Fibre Channel switch. Which three steps do you take prior to connecting the switch in the SAN? (Choose three.)

A.    Force the new switch to be the principle switch.
B.    Change the domain ID of the replacement switch to the domain ID of the failed switch.
C.    Clear all zoning configurations on the replacement switch.
D.    Change the core PID format of the replacement switch to the core PID format of the failed switch.
E.    Preload the zoning information from the fabric onto the new switch.

Answer: BCD

At which storage object level is deduplication enabled?

A.    Aggregate
B.    Volume
C.    Qtree
D.    LUN

Answer: B

Which commands allow you to enable NetApp deduplication and verify space savings?

A.    sis on <vol>, sis start <vol>, df s <vol>
B.    asis on <vol>, asis start <vol>, df s <vol>
C.    sis on <vol>, sis start <vol>, df r <vol>
D.    sis on, sis start, df p <vol>

Answer: A

Which row of items should you look up in the IMT (Interoperability Matrix Tool) when designing a NetApp Storage Solution for a customer?

A.    Host OS & patches, FC WWPN, Volume Manager, File System version
B.    Host OS, iSCSI IQN, Volume Manager, Clustering
C.    Host OS & patches, HBA driver, Volume Manager, File System, Clustering
D.    Host OS, HBA driver, Host Memory & CPU Speed, File System, Clustering

Answer: C

Which option needs to be set on a volume to guarantee that it cannot be affected by other volumes?

A.    None
B.    Volume
C.    Space Reserved
D.    Reservation Enabled

Answer: B

Which option needs to be set on a LUN to guarantee that it cannot be affected by other LUNs in the volume?

A.    Volume Guarantee
B.    Volume Space Reserved
C.    LUN Reservation Disabled
D.    LUN Reservation Enabled

Answer: D

When does Fractional Reservation reserve space from the volume?

A.    Volume Creation
B.    LUN Creation
C.    LUN SnapMirror
D.    Volume Snapshot

Answer: D

What would you use to share a data LUN among multiple servers where each server has simultaneous write access?

A.    host-based BootBIOS
B.    host-based multipathing
C.    host-based volume manager
D.    host-based clustered file system

Answer: D

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