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A large amount of data was deleted from a volume. After a few hours, the space was still not available to NFS clients accessing the volume. What are two reasons that would account for this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    The volume contains Snapshot copies that were taken before the data was deleted.
B.    There is a thick-provisioned LUN in the volume.
C.    The deleted data was all deduplicated data.
D.    The client needs to re-scan the volume to detect the changes.

Answer: AD

A user complains that they cannot access a new NFS mount while logged into their Linux client. They are unable to mount the file system and are receiving an access denied error. The NFS server is a clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1 storage virtual machine (SVM). Which two steps should be taken to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify that the access settings of the export policy’s rule are applicable to the export.
B.    Confirm that the NFS mount’s underlying volume is set to the NTFS security style.
C.    Execute the vserver nfs show command on the clustered Data ONTAP cluster shell.
D.    Execute the mount command on the client to determine how NFS mounts are mounted.

Answer: AD
Explanation: (page 11)

Referring to the exhibit. Your customer’s MetroCluster controllers have generated AutoSupport notifications with a “DISK REDUNDANCY FAILED” message.
Referring to the exhibit, which component is causing the problem?

A.    the SAN switch site3_3
B.    the SAN switch sitel_2
C.    the ATTO bridges on site3
D.    the inter-switch link (ISL) between sit el and site3

Answer: D

A customer wants you to add a disk shelf that contains SSDs so they can implement Flash Pool. Which three tools would you use to complete this task? (Choose three.)

A.    Use the My AutoSupport tool to ensure that Flash pool is licensed.
B.    Use Hardware Universe to ensure that you would not exceed the maximum drive count.
C.    Use Hardware Universe to ensure that you would not exceed the maximum cache for the system.
D.    Use the My AutoSupport tool to see if there is a Flash Cache card installed.
E.    Use Config Builder to verify the shelves can be added.

Answer: ABE

A customer is installing a new system and has determined that they have a broken disk. What information is required to open a NetApp Support case?

A.    disk HBA firmware and serial number
B.    mainboard rev. id
C.    serial number or system ID
D.    disk shelf serial number and shelf ID number

Answer: C

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