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A customer recently had a controller module failure on a FAS62xx system running clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1. The controller module had been replaced last night and everything is working well but the customer noticed warnings concerning licensing on the console. The warnings say there is a grace period of 89 days remaining. In this scenario, what should be done to solve this problem?

A.    Execute a system restore to recover the previous license keys, and then apply to the new controller module.
B.    Apply the previously used license keys using the appropriate commands.
C.    Collect the new license keys from the new controller module packaging and install them using the appropriate commands.
D.    Obtain new 8.2x format license keys and install them using the appropriate commands.

Answer: D

A customer created a new storage virtual machine (SVM) named “svm-nfs”. They enabled only NFSv3 and created a new export policy called “Linux”. In this policy, they created a rule replacing the default rule that shows the host specifier to be IP address This configuration has worked well for the past two weeks for all Linux clients. A new Linux client is about to be put into production but it is not able to access the NFS mount. The root user on this new client is not able to mount as well. They receive the “access denied” error. Which statement is correct in this scenario?

A.    There is no export policy entry for the namespace for this export.
B.    The time on the controller is skewed by more than five minutes.
C.    The new client’s IP address is not in the same subnet that is specified in the export policy rule.
D.    The volume is NTFS security style.

Answer: C

You replaced the controller of an HA pair in a 4-node cluster running clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1. You have gone through all hardware testing requirements before booting the system . Which action is now required to boot the system successfully?

A.    Use the boot_ontap command from the loader prompt.
B.    Use the disk reassign -s <souroe systemid> -d <destination systemid> command from maintenance mode.
C.    Use the storage disk reassign -s <source system id> -d <destination system id> command from the cluster shell.
D.    Use the storage disk reassign -s <source system id> -d <destination system id> command from diagnostics mode.

Answer: A

Which version of Data ONTAP would disable access to FilerView in favor of using OnCommand Manager for management?

A.    8.2
B.    8.0
C.    7.3
D.    8.1

Answer: D
Explanation: (page 4)

Referring to the exhibit. Which two actions would you perform to address the system alternate-control-path (ACP) connectivity issue shown in the exhibit? (Choose two.)

A.    Reseat the ACP cable.
B.    Reseat the shelf modules.
C.    Turn options acp.enable off and then on.
D.    Perform a takeover and givebadcK.

Answer: CD

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