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What is the maximum aggregate traffic available to a half-width UCS B-Series blade in a 5108 Chassis with two 2208XP Fabric Extenders, Cisco VIC 1240 adapter, and Cisco Port Expander Card for VIC 1240?

A.    40 Gb
B.    80 Gb
C.    120 Gb
D.    320 Gb

Answer: B

Which four are components of Cisco UCS stateless computing? (Choose four.)

A.    Utilization of service profiles to apply parameter settings from server hardware.
B.    Elements of a server’s personality, which may be included in a service profile, include firmware versions, UUID, MAC Addresses, World Wide Names, and boot settings.
C.    A one to one mapping of an application to a server.
D.    Boot from SAN.
E.    Every physical server in a Cisco UCS instance should remain anonymous until you associate a service profile with it.
F.    A one to one mapping to the identity information burned into the hardware (mac addresses, etc.).

Answer: ABDE

Which connectivity mode for Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server management is supported beginning with Cisco UCS Manager release version 2.1 and above?

A.    Dual-wire Management
B.    Single-wire Management
C.    Quad-wire Management
D.    Side Frame management

Answer: B

Which feature is supported for virtual machines configured with Direct Path I/O using Cisco Virtual Machine Fabric Extender (VM-FEX) distributed switches?

A.    vMotion
B.    Record and Play
C.    Fault tolerance
D.    Unlimited DVS creation per Cisco UCS domain

Answer: A

Which four VLANs can be configured on UCS platform? (Choose four.)

A.    1
B.    199
C.    1001
D.    3968
E.    4001
F.    4047
G.    4090
H.    4096

Answer: ABCG

Which of the following is an example of a Cisco UCS high availability component?

A.    Clustered fabric interconnects
B.    vMotion
C.    Live migration
D.    Cluster shared volumes

Answer: A

Which traffic through a UCS 6200 cluster can be in Active-Standby mode?

A.    Data traffic only
B.    FHRP
C.    Data and management traffic
D.    Management traffic only

Answer: D

Which is true about UCS High Availability?

A.    Support for 3 Fabric Interconnects.
B.    Dual homing IOM to Fabric Interconnects.
C.    Port Channeling within UCS system requires Fabric Interconnects and IOMs to be at least second generation.
D.    UCSM supports vPC configuration.

Answer: C

Which of the following is a component of stateless computing with Cisco UCS?

A.    Utilization of identity information burned into the hardware
B.    Operating System boot from server local disk
C.    Utilization of service profiles to apply SAN connectivity attributes
D.    Treating each server as a traditional rack mount server

Answer: C

Referring to the exhibit. The numerals in the red rectangle, what will be this servers Boot from SAN order?

A.    1, 2, 3, 4
B.    1, 3, 2, 4
C.    Not enough information
D.    3, 4, 1, 2

Answer: C

For FI 6248 with a GEM module, what is the possible assignment of ports for native Fibre Channel and Ethernet?

A.    Eth ports: 1-21, 33-48; Fibre Channel ports: 22-32
B.    Eth ports: 1-18, 33-40; Fibre Channel ports: 19-32, 41-48
C.    Eth ports: 1-21; Fibre Channel ports: 22-48
D.    Eth ports: 1-16, 41-48; Fibre Channel ports: 17-40

Answer: B

Cisco UCS Manager may be used to manage which four tasks within a Cisco UCS domain? (Choose four.)

A.    Cisco UCS hardware including the chassis, servers, fabric interconnects, and i/o modules.
B.    Cisco UCS resource management including WWN addresses, MAC addresses, UUIDs, and bandwidth.
C.    Deployment of a Windows or Linux Operating system.
D.    Management of non-Cisco x86 systems.
E.    Network administration such as creating VLANs, uplink ports, port channels and LAN PIN groups.
F.    SAN configuration tasks such as creating VSANs, QoS classes and definitions, and port channels.
G.    Deploy patches for software, such as an OS or an application.
H.    Install software applications, such as databases, application server software, or web servers.

Answer: ABEF

Which item is an example of Role-Based Access Control and multi-tenancy support that can be applied to a UCS environment using the Cisco UCS Manager?

A.    Create roles for Data ONTAP Vserver administrators
B.    Create a storage administrator role with control over tasks related to the SAN
C.    Create interface groups on NetApp storage
D.    Apply NFS read/write access to a network share

Answer: B

Which Cisco Nexus switch is designed for low latency L2/L3 IP only networks?

A.    Nexus 5548
B.    Nexus 7000
C.    Nexus 3048
D.    Nexus 5596

Answer: C

In a FlexPod design, when can NetApp storage be directly connected to a Cisco UCS server?

A.    Never
B.    Always
C.    Only in a FlexPod Select design
D.    Only in a FlexPod Express design
E.    Only in a FlexPod DataCenter design

Answer: C

Referring to the exhibit. Following FlexPod recommended practices, which portchannel configuration is valid for the connectivity shown?

A.    A and B. portchannel 1
C and E. po2 and vpc 2
D and F. po3 and vpc 3
G and H. portchannel 1
I and K. po11 and vpc 11
J and L. po12 and vpc 12
B.    A and B. vpc 1
C and E. po2 and vpc 2
D and F. po3 and vpc 3
G and H. vpc 4
I and K. po11 and vpc 11
J and L. po12 and vpc 12
C.    A and B. portchannel 1
C and D. po2 and vpc 2
E and F. po3 and vpc 3
G and H. portchannel 4
I and J. po11 and vpc 11
K and L. po12 and vpc 12
D.    A and B. portchannel 1
C and D. vpc 2
E and F. vpc 2
G and H. portchannel 4
I and J. vpc 11
K and L. vpc 11
E.    A and B. po1 and vpc 1
C and D. po2 and vpc 2
E and F. po3 and vpc 3
G and H. po4 and vpc 4
I and J. po11 and vpc 11
K and L. po12 and vpc 12

Answer: A

Which hardware device should provide Fibre Channel services in a FlexPod design?

A.    Cisco UCS 6248 Fabric Interconnect
B.    NetApp FAS
C.    Cisco Nexus 3000
D.    Cisco Nexus 5500

Answer: D

When using Virtual Port Channel (vPC) on a Nexus 5500 switch, what protocol is responsible for synchronization of configuration, spanning tree, MAC and VLAN information?

A.    Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
B.    Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
C.    LACP
D.    Cisco Fabric Services over Ethernet (CFSoE)

Answer: D

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