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Which resource identifies the number of UTA2 ports available on a FAS8020 controller?

A.    Hardware Universe
B.    Interoperability Matrix Tool
C.    Universal SAS and ACP Cabling Guide
D.    Config Advisor

Answer: A

You want to set up a LUN with SCSI T10 thin provisioning. Which ONTAP command would you use to accomplish this task?

A.    Lun create -vserver svm1 -path /vol/vol1/lun1 -size 10GB -ostype linu -space-reserve disabled -space-allocation disabled
B.    Lun create -vserver svm1 -path /vol/vol1/lun1 -size 10GB -ostype linu -space-reserve enabled -space-allocation disabled
C.    Lun create -vserver svm1 -path /vol/vol1/lun1 -size 10GB -ostype linu -space-reserve enabled -space-allocation enabled
D.    Lun create -vserver svm1 -path /vol/vol1/lun1 -size 10GB -ostype linu -space-reserve disabled -space-allocation enable

Answer: A

You need to perform a DR test on a FAS8200 with SAN LUNs using the onboard UTA2 with 16GB SFP+. In this scenario, what is the minimum port speed required on the DR Site’s FC switches?

A.    2Gb
B.    16Gb
C.    8Gb
D.    4Gb

Answer: D
A 16GB SFP+ can negotiate down to 4Gbps.

You want to verify back-end SAS cabling on a FAS9000 and SAN host connectivity from windows server 2016, WMware ESX 6.0, and Linux 2.6. Which two tools would you use to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    Interoperability Matrix Tool
B.    Hardware Universe
C.    Config Advisor
D.    nSanity

Answer: CD

In a 4-node cluster, how many LIFs are required on each node to allow a host to use ALUA and have multiple optimized paths to each LUN?

A.    1
B.    2
C.    4
D.    6

Answer: B

You are migrating data from a foreign array into an existing 2-node AFF300 ONTAP cluster using Foreign LUN import. All existing FC ports are currently in use for FC host connectivity on the Netapp cluster. Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Add FC HBA cards to the ONTAP cluster to allow for additional initiators.
B.    You can change the personality of one of the existing FC ports on the AFF A300 from initiator to target.
C.    You can change the personality of one of the existing FC ports on the AFF A300 from target to initiator.
D.    Add FC HBA cards to the ONTAP cluster to allow for additional targets.

Answer: BD

Referring to the exhibit, you see an FC SAN configuration that uses multiple fabrics and best practice implementation. How many available paths per LUN do you expect host 1 to see if the cable connecting host 1 to Fabric 1 is pulled out for connectivity redundancy testing?

A.    12
B.    4
C.    6
D.    8

Answer: B

A customer has a 2TB volume. The volume guarantee is set to volume, the fractional reserve is set to 0, no snapshots copies exist, and a 500GB LUN shows 50% deduplication savings in the volume. The df command shows that 500GB are used. In this scenario, why is this amount of space being used?

A.    The snap reserve is set to 50%
B.    The LUN reservation is enabled
C.    The deduplication is set to inline
D.    The LUN reservation is disabled

Answer: B

You notice that reporting nodes are not mapped on a LUN in a 4-node cluster that originally ran an older version of ONTAP. In this scenario, which command would you use to add only the local HA pair to the reporting nodes for the /vol/data/lun1/LUN?

A.    Lun mapping add-reporting-nodes -vserver svm1 -path /vol/data/lun1 -igroup igroup1 destination-aggregate data
B.    Lun mapping add-reporting-nodes -path /vol/data/lun1 -igroup igroup1 -all false
C.    Lun mapping add-reporting-nodes -vserver svm1 -path /vol/data/lun1 -igroup igroup1-local nodes true
D.    Lun mapping add-reporting-nodes -vserser svm1 -path /vol/data/lun1 -igroup igroup1 destination-volume cl01_01_aggr1

Answer: C

You are adding new nodes to an ONTAP cluster. You need to add the new LIF WWPNs to which object?

A.    Reporting nodes
B.    Failover group
C.    VLAN
D.    Switch zone

Answer: D

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