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A volume with a single LUN shows 30% deduplication savings. However, the output of df on the cluster does not show the 30% savings back to the volume or aggregate. What is causing this behavior?

A.    Volume space guarantee is set to none.
B.    Volume space guarantee is set to volume.
C.    LUN space reserve is disabled.
D.    LUN space reserve is enabled.

Answer: D

Within the NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT), which three components are supported for the FC SAN storage host solution? (Choose three.)

A.    Host OS
B.    IP switch
D.    Netapp Controller Model
E.    Host HBA

Answer: ACE

For testing LUN mobility, you are moving a volume that contains a LUN to a different HA pair within the same ONTAP cluster. You want to ensure that the host does not lose access to the LUN that is in the volume being moved. Which action should be performed to accomplish this task?

A.    Create a snapmirror of the volume to the destination.
B.    Modify the reporting nodes to add the node of the destination and its HA partner.
C.    Verify that the volume has snapshots copies enabled.
D.    Verify that is enough free space on the volume that is being moved.

Answer: B

A storage administrator has created LUNs for FC access. What must each LUN have configured to allow access?

A.    LUN OS type set host OS, igroup with WWPNs from host HBAs, LUN mapped to an igroup
B.    LUN OS type set host OS, igroup with all IQNs from host HBAs, igroup mapped to each FC port using port sets
C.    Igroup with WWPNs from host HBAs, ALUA set on host using host utility kit, LUN OS type set to default values
D.    LUN OS type set to default values, ALUA set on host using DSM, igroup with WWPNs from host HBAs

Answer: A

Where would you find the environment values of controllers and disk shelves (e.g. BTU and watts)?

A.    Interoperability matrix tool (IMT)
B.    Installation and setup instructions poster
C.    Config advisor
D.    Hardware universe

Answer: D

You want to ensure maximum performance of iSCSI LUNs. Which statement is correct in this scenario?

A.    Configure your network to have Layer 3 switches.
B.    Enable flow control on the switch.
C.    Set the MTU size to 9000.
D.    Use 1GbE instead of 1OGbE.

Answer: C

You are connecting a controller to a 10Gbps switch that is 10 meters away. Which type of cabling is required in this scenario?

A.    short range SFP with LC-LC multimode
B.    FC SFP with LC-LC optical
C.    Twinax
D.    long range SFP with LC-LC multimode

Answer: A

What are two important considerations when issuing the lun move start command? (Choose two.)

A.    Storage efficiency deduplication metadata is moved with the LUN.
B.    The lun must have a load-sharing mirror to ensure availability during the move.
C.    The size of the destination volume must or exceed the size of the LUN.
D.    LIFs should be available on the destination HA pair.

Answer: CD

You are deploying iSCSI on a newly installed ON TAP cluster. Your network administrator has provided you with 10 Gb network links and physically connected them to your nodes. According to NetApp best practice, which two network settings should you configure to optimize performance? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable jumbo frames.
B.    Disable jumbo frames.
C.    Disable Ethernet flow control for all ports.
D.    Use single initiator, multiple target zoning.

Answer: AC

You are creating a point-to-point connection over an ISL on a Cisco switch. Which port-channel type should you use?

A.    NP
B.    F
C.    E
D.    TF

Answer: C

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