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You recently configured your SVM to serve data with the FC protocol by issuing the following commands:
Vserver fcp create -vserver vs1 -status-admin up Network interface create -vserver vs1 -lif lif1 -role-data -data-protocol fcp -home-node node_name -home-port port
However, your LIF still shows an operational status of down. What must you do to change the operational status to up?

A.    License and enable the FC service
B.    Add the LIF to a group
C.    Configure zoning on the switch
D.    Create a LIF on the node’s HA partner

Answer: C

When implementing ONTAP SAN for VMware, in which three would VSC help? (Choose three.)

A.    When provisioning the lun
B.    When updating HBA driver
C.    When configuring host best practices
D.    When provisioning the datastore
E.    When creating FC switch zoning

Answer: ACD
The NetApp Virtual Storage Console cannot and does not do anything with creating FC Switch zones. It does however assist with creating LUN’s, volumes (data stores) and updating the host best practices.

You are asked to configure the Service Processor on a newly installed node, and must verify the following command:
system-service processor network modify-node local-address-family IPv4-enable true-ipaddress
Which statement about this command is true?

A.    -nodeshould reference the actual node name.
B.    The gateway IP address is missing.
C.    The Link Local IP Address is missing.
D.    IPv6 is required for the SP.

Answer: AB

An administrator has a 4-node NetApp cluster that was originally installed with clustered Data ONTAP 8.3. The administrator is going to upgrade to ONTAP 9.1. What are two considerations for the upgrade process? (Choose two.)

A.    The administrator must do an intermediate upgrade to ONTAP 9.0, before upgrading to ONTAP.
B.    Reporting nodes will be set by default on all LUNs after the upgrade process.
C.    A rolling upgrade needs to be used for this process-because of the current ONTAP version.
D.    All LIFs must reside on their home ports prior to the upgrade.

Answer: CD

What is the correct provisioning order of a new ONTAP storage solution?

A.    LUNs, volumes, aggregates
B.    LUNs, aggregates, volumes
C.    Volumes, aggregates, LUNs
D.    Aggregates, volumes, LUNs

Answer: D

You are planning a migration from a 7-mode system running Data ONTAP 7.3 to a new AFF A700 ONTAP 9.1 system. This 7-mode system provides only FC LUNs for a Windows Server 2012 R2 server farm. The 7-Mode system cannot upgrade its volumes to 64-bit. In this scenario, what would you use for the migration?

A.    7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT)
B.    Foreign LUN Import (FLI)
C.    OnCommand System Manager
D.    Unified Host Utility Kit

Answer: B

You successfully migrated LUNs that are accessed over FC from a 7-Mode system to ONTAP 9.1. Your windows Server 2012 is unable to see the new LUNs. What are three reasons for this problem? (Choose three.)

A.    The IQN is not included in the igroup.
B.    You have no port sets.
C.    NPIV is not enabled on the switch.
D.    The host is directly attached to the cluster nodes.
E.    Switch zoning is misconfigured.

Answer: CDE

ONTAP DSM 4.1 is the multipathing option for which host operating system?

A.    VMware ESXi 6.0
B.    Redhat Linux 7.0
C.    Windows Server 2012 R2
D.    Oracle Solaris 11

Answer: C

Which three attributes would you specify when creating a LUN? (Choose three.)

A.    The host operating system of the system attached to LUN.
B.    The version of Data ONTAP.
C.    The size of the LUN.
D.    The path to the LUN.

Answer: ACD

Your host supports SCSI T10 thin provisioning for automatic host-side space management, and it enabled. Which ONTAP LUN parameter will keep the LUN online when it is full?

A.    Space-allocation
B.    Max-resize
C.    Non-space-reserve
D.    Space-reserve

Answer: D

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