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If a customer has a 2-node cluster, which of the following must be enabled for storage failover (SFO) to function properly?

A.    cluster ha modify -configured true
B.    cluster modify -node -eligibility true
C.    storage failover modify -node enabled true
D.    storage failover modify -node -hwassist true

Answer: A

Which of the following steps must be completed before a CIFS share can be active?

A.    Configure name mapping
B.    License both NFS and CIFS
C.    Create a data LIF for the CIFS server on every node
D.    Reboot the node containing the CIFS Vserver root volume

Answer: A

A volume is created named “new_acct” in a data vserver named vs2. A junction for this volume is created named “acct” from the root of vs2. This namespace will be mounted on a Linux host. What is the path that the Linux host needs to mount?

A.    /vs2/new_acct
B.    /vs2/acct
C.    /new_acct
D.    /vol/vs2/new_acct
E.    /acct

Answer: E

Which of the following are appropriate client specification for an export rule? (Choose all that apply)

D.    \\vs_root\

Answer: ABC

Which steps need to be completed when creating a CIFS share? (Choose all that apply)

A.    Configure a share policy
B.    Configure an export policy
C.    Configure name mapping
D.    Configure a snapshot policy
E.    Create a junction path within the Vserver namespace

Answer: BCE

Which two devices support the NetApp Remote Support Agent (RSA)?

A.    SP
B.    RTC
C.    RLM
D.    ILO
E.    BMC

Answer: AC

What are the characteristics of Snapmirror? (Choose three.)

A.    Provides data protection for disaster recovery.
B.    If the source FlexVol volume is lost, clients can restore data from the secondary to primary storage.
C.    Can asynchronously copy the source FlexVol volume to a disaster recovery replica.
D.    If the source FlexVol volume is lost or destroyed, clients can connect to the mirror image of the source data.

Answer: ACD

For NDMP to be aware of a vserver, what actions needs to be taken? (Choose three.)

A.    Data management application
B.    Cluster-aware backup
C.    NDMP scope listed
D.    NDMP service enabled

Answer: ABD

How does the NetApp Remote Support Agent (RSA) connect to NetApp support?

A.    NetApp Support initiates a secure connection to the RSA.
B.    NetApp Support initiates a non-secure connection to the RSA.
C.    The RSA initiates a secure connection to NetApp Support.
D.    The RSA initiates a non-secure connection to NetApp Support.

Answer: C

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