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A company is planning to use physical Raw Device Mappings (RDMs) in their ESX environment. Which LUN type should they use on the NetApp storage system if they want to prevent LUN I/O alignment issues?

A.    They should use the VMware LUN type.
B.    They should use the LUN type matching the guest operating system.
C.    ESX will automatically align I/O on WAFL boundaries if NetApp host utilities is installed.
D.    Any UNIX LUN type will work since it is an RDM.

Answer: B

What is the functionality of the latest Data ONTAP DSM for Windows?

A.    It can handle FCP and iSCSI paths to the same LUN.
B.    It allows you to take snapshots for both FCP and iSCSI LUNS.
C.    It allows you to enable ALUA on the igroup from the host.
D.    It allows you to create new LUNs from the host.

Answer: A

Referring to the exhibit. In the diagram shown, a portset is created on controller 1 with the command: controller1>portset create -f ntapportset conroller1:0b. This portset is bound to the igroup with all the intiators in it. How many paths can the host 1 see to a LUN on controller 1?

A.    six paths
B.    four paths
C.    three paths
D.    one path

Answer: D

When assessing a current storage solution, it is critical to document the current NetApp storage system configuration. Which factor should NOT be considered when documenting this existing configuration?

A.    Data ONTAP version
B.    current data layout (RAID groups, aggregates, volumes, etc.)
C.    storage system name and IP
D.    host power cables and power usage

Answer: D

Which command do you use on a Brocade switch to view all defined zone configuration information?

A.    cfgActvShow
B.    show zone
C.    cfgshow
D.    switchshow

Answer: C

Which command do you use on a Cisco switch to view the currently active zoneset?

A.    show zone analysis
B.    show zoneset active
C.    show running-config
D.    show config active

Answer: B

When building your implementation plan, providing dual power for all systems is critical. Which three actions should be mandated? (Choose three.)

A.    Dual power supplies should be placed in all equipment.
B.    Dual power feeds should be run to all equipment.
C.    Power feeds should be connected to the closest available outlet inside the cabinet.
D.    Power feeds should be connected to separate circuits on the same data center PDU.
E.    Power feeds should be connected to separate outlets connected to two separate PDUs.

Answer: ABE

What information needs to be included in a cabinet diagram? (Choose three.)

A.    NetApp storage system login information
B.    physical location of the rack in the data center
C.    storage controller configuration information
D.    rack identifying information
E.    location in the rack of NetApp storage controllers and storage shelves

Answer: BDE

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