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Referring to the exhibit. In the cabinet diagram shown, what additional information should be included to make it more complete?

A.    switch connectivity
B.    storage port connectivity
C.    storage shelf connectivity
D.    storage controller rack placement

Answer: C

What is NetApp’s recommended best practice for zone configuration?

A.    All zones should contain a single initiator and all the targets that initiator accesses.
B.    Individual zones can get too complicated. It is better to simply configure one default zone with all devices contained in it.
C.    All devices from the same vendor should be in one zone.
D.    All zones should contain a single target and all the initiators using that target.

Answer: A

Referring to the exhibit. In the diagram shown, how should the zoning configuration be changed to better comply with NetApp best practices?

A.    four zones, each with one initiator, first two with the first target port and the second two with the second target port
B.    two zones, each with two initiators and one target port
C.    two zones, each with all four initiators and one target port
D.    four zones, each with one initiator and both target ports

Answer: D

Which type of zoning does NetApp recommend?

A.    World Wide Name zoning
B.    World Wide Port Name zoning
C.    World Wide Node Name zoning
D.    Switch World Wide Name zoning

Answer: B

What does NetApp recommend as best practice for zone configuration?

A.    single target zoning
B.    single initiator zoning
C.    multiple initiator zoning
D.    single port zoning

Answer: B

Referring to the exhibit. Given the information shown in the diagram, which port has a NetApp device attached to it?

A.    port 3
B.    port 5
C.    port 6
D.    port 7

Answer: D

In a NetApp SAN solution, which value should you set for snap reserve for a volume holding LUNs?

A.    100%
B.    50%
C.    20%
D.    0%

Answer: D

Which command do you use to see the rate of change between two successive Snapshot copies in a flexible volume in Data ONTAP?

A.    snap diff
B.    snap calculate
C.    snap delta
D.    snap space

Answer: C

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