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Which one of the following object types are not cacheable?

A.    HTTP 200 OK responses
B.    DNS A records
C.    VOD MPEG4 Streams
D.    VOD MMS Streams

Answer: C

The NetCache appliance may be used for all of the following EXCEPT ____.

A.    HTTP URL filtering
B.    SMTP proxy
C.    DNS caching
D.    NFS caching

Answer: B

Browser requests can be directed to the NetCache through all of the following methods EXCEPT ____.

A.    transparent redirection with a Layer 4 switch
B.    configuring the browser client to use WCCP
C.    transparent redirection with WCCP on a Cisco router or switch
D.    configuring the browser client to use an automatic proxy configuration file

Answer: B

Network Appliance maintains a record of customer product information on the NOW site and this data is ____.

A.    available to anyone with NOW access
B.    only available to authorized users
C.    available only during business hours
D.    only available to NetApp support staff

Answer: B

All of the following are supported interface types EXCEPT ____.

A.    10/100 Ethernet
B.    Gigabit Ethernet, fiber
C.    Gigabit Ethernet, copper
D.    ATM

Answer: D

The ____ command shows the NetCache interface configuration.

A.    sysconfig -a
B.    ifconfig -a
C.    ifstat -a
D.    netstat -r

Answer: B

The traceroute command is used to ____.

A.    report interface activity in Kbps
B.    show the state of each interface
C.    print the route packets take to a network host
D.    display a list of active sockets for each protocol

Answer: C

The ____ command displays performance statistics, such as the current CPU usage, the amount of network I/O, and the amount of disk I/O.

A.    ifstat
B.    netstat
C.    stat
D.    sysstat

Answer: D

When configured as an accelerator, the NetCache appliance is typically located close to the ____.

A.    client(s)
B.    gateway
C.    server
D.    resolver

Answer: C

The default NetCache HTTP administration port is ____ and is a ____ option?

A.    3128, nonconfigurable
B.    3132, configurable
C.    3128, configurable
D.    3132, nonconfigurable

Answer: B

The best place to find information regarding a log header, such as x-cs-headerlength, is the ____.

A.    Deployment Guide
B.    Guide to Messages and Logfile Entries
C.    Guide to Caching Protocols and Services
D.    Administration Guide

Answer: B

If the NetCache Autosupport has been configured to provide minimal detail, which two of the following will not be included in the Autosupport message? (Choose two.)

A.    Software licenses enabled on the appliance.
B.    Appliance hostname.
C.    System serial number.
D.    NetCache IP address.

Answer: BD

What happens when the diag dump command is executed?

A.    A new diagnostics file is created.
B.    The existing diagnostics file is overwritten.
C.    The diagnostics file is automatically sent to NetApp support.
D.    An Autosupport message is generated.

Answer: A

The flush cache command ____.

A.    reduces disk space utilization
B.    does not remove locked objects
C.    does not reduce disk space utilization
D.    can only be used from the command line interface

Answer: C

NetApp Services include all of the following EXCEPT ____.

A.    Support services
B.    Professional services
C.    System Administration Services
D.    Education

Answer: C

Which one of the following will show all of the NetCache appliance’s current configuration settings?

A.    showconfig ?
B.    showconfig *
C.    showconfig.?
D.    showconfig.*

Answer: D

Which one of the following actions cannot be accomplished from the NetCache command line?

A.    Download software
B.    Kick off telnet users
C.    Set root password
D.    Eject objects from the NetCache

Answer: B

When sending a packet beyond the local area network, the NetCache uses all of the following EXCEPT ____ to decide which router to send the packet to.

A.    static routing table
B.    ICMP redirects
C.    OSPF routing updates
D.    RIP routing updates

Answer: C

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