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The ____ command is used to run automated diagnostic analysis routines.

A.    ifstat -a
B.    diag dump
C.    netstat -d
D.    diag list

Answer: B

Which one is the CLI equivalent command for installing, committing, and rebooting a NetCache software image from the NetCache GUI assuming the server path is

A.    install
B.    download -i -c -r
C.    install -dcr
D.    download -icr

Answer: C

A packet trace captured by the NetCache can ____.

A.    be sent to another host in real time
B.    capture traffic to/from a specific IP address
C.    be stored only on disk
D.    capture traffic to/from a specific port number

Answer: B

Which one of the following NetCache Utility feature captures packets arriving or leaving on the network interfaces?

A.    snoop
B.    pktt
C.    tcpdump
D.    capture

Answer: B

Which command would you use to see the available option choices for the show config.http.acl command?

A.    help
B.    show config.http.acl
C.    config.acl help
D.    help config.acl

Answer: B

A hierarchy consists of a child and a ____ NetCache where the ____ NetCaches may be in a ____ configuration.

A.    cluster, cluster, neighbor
B.    cluster, child, cluster
C.    parent, parent, cluster
D.    neighbor, neighbor, cluster

Answer: C

Which one of the following NetCache appliances has a maximum storage capacity of 504GB?

A.    C1200
B.    C2100
C.    C6200
D.    All the above

Answer: B

A complete listing of Network Appliance support centers is available at ____.

D.    NetCache online help

Answer: C

Which one of the following services is not a service supported by ICAP?

A.    Virus scanning of content received through HTTP
B.    Virus scanning of email content
C.    URL filtering
D.    Active content stripping

Answer: B

When configuring NTLM authentication you must specify the ____.

A.    UNIX computer to use
B.    Windows domain controller to use
C.    RADIUS server
D.    None of the above

Answer: B

With clustered Data ONTAP 8.3, which construct contains data volumes and one or more LIFs through which they serve data to clients?

A.    vFiler
B.    Aggregate
C.    Storage Virtual Machine
D.    FlexVol

Answer: C

You are asked to design an application-focused data center using policy-based networking. Which architecture is valid for this new design?

A.    an architecture based on a spine and leaf topology that includes Nexus 9000
B.    an architecture based on FabricPath configured between Nexus 7000 and Nexus 5000
C.    an architecture based on Nexus 9000 to enable support for FCoE
D.    a three-tier architecture based on Nexus 9000 to improve high availability

Answer: B

What are two valid cluster interconnect switches? (Choose two.)

A.    NetApp CN1610
B.    Cisco Nexus 5596
C.    Cisco Nexus 9504
D.    Cisco Nexus 7004

Answer: AB

Which UCS Manager feature will allow you to have a consistent server configuration within the system?

A.    address pools
B.    service profile templates
C.    role-based access control
D.    same blade hardware configuration

Answer: B

A FlexPod design will be using a 4-node NetApp storage solution and requires a switch for the cluster interconnect. Which two switches are valid in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco Nexus 3048
B.    Cisco Nexus 5596UP
C.    NetApp CN1601
D.    NetApp CN1610

Answer: BC

A customer is designing a FlexPod with VMware vSphere 6.0. There is a requirement to centralize backup management of virtual machines with the ability to view storage configuration details from within the vSphere Web client. Automatic configuration of ESXi host storage settings is also needed. Which tool accomplishes all of the requirements?

A.    VAAI
B.    Virtual Storage Console
C.    SnapDrive
D.    OnCommand Insight

Answer: D

An administrator wants to see both the NetApp storage utilization values and the UCS port network capacity in the same dashboard. Which management tool provides this capability?

A.    OnCommand Performance Manager
B.    UCS Manager
C.    OnCommand Unified Manager
D.    UCS Performance Manager

Answer: D

Which mode must your Fabric Interconnects be using to participate in the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and send Bridge Port Data Units (BPDUs)?

A.    Switching Mode
B.    Loopguard Mode
C.    End Host Mode
D.    STP Mode

Answer: D

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