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You are asked to deploy NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in a Google Cloud environment. You set up a NetApp Cloud Central account. You want the storage administrator to be able to log in to the NetApp Cloud Central account and deploy a connector from the SaaS Cloud Manager before deploying NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP. In this scenario, what are two requirements to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    The storage administrator must be set up as an administrator in Google Cloud.
B.    The storage administrator must be set up as a workspace admin in NetApp Cloud Central.
C.    The GCP user who deploys the connector from NetApp Cloud Central should be associated with a custom role.
D.    The required APIs must be enabled in the Google Cloud project.

Answer: BC

Your customer wants to demonstrate data privacy compliance by monitoring as many platforms as possible across on-premises and the public cloud with NetApp Cloud Data Sense (formerly Cloud Compliance). In this scenario, which two data sources are supported? (Choose two.)

A.    Microsoft Exchange
B.    Oracle Database
C.    Amazon S3
D.    DB2

Answer: AB

You are designing a new hybrid cloud solution. The nonfunctional requirements state that you must be able to integrate identity management for SSO authentication. In this scenario, what are two supported identity management providers? (Choose two.)

A.    OAuth
B.    SAML
C.    YAML
D.    Azure Active Directory

Answer: AB

You are designing a solution to detect potential insider threats. Your corporate file shares are hosted on NetApp ONTAP arrays. In this scenario, which two approaches using NetApp cloud services would be appropriate? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure Cloud Insights with an Automated Response Policy.
B.    Configure Cloud Data Sense service to assign Azure Information Protection (AIP) labels automatically to all files that match the criteria that are defined in a policy.
C.    Configure Cloud Backup service for your corporate file share, and ensure that the target is not in the same cloud provider as the source.
D.    Configure a Cloud Secure agent with a User Directory Connector.

Answer: BC

A customer is using AWS for their production environment. One of their applications uploads data into an AWS S3 bucket and the customer wants to duplicate this data into NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP. In this scenario, how would the customer copy their data from AWS S3 to Cloud Volumes ONTAP?

A.    Use Cloud Backup service.
B.    Use SaaS Backup.
C.    Use Cloud Tiering.
D.    Use Cloud Sync service.

Answer: B

You are designing for StorageGRID deployment. In this scenario, what are two rules for the nodes? (Choose two.)

A.    You need two admin nodes per site.
B.    Each data center site must include at least four storage nodes.
C.    Each data center site must include at least three storage nodes.
D.    Only one admin node is permitted per site.

Answer: BC

You are designing a new deployment of Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure using a highly available configuration. In this scenario, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Each node has access to its own storage only.
B.    NFSv4 is supported.
C.    NFSv4 is not supported.
D.    Each node has access to the other node’s storage.

Answer: BC

You are using Windows Virtual Desktops and storing user profiles on Azure NetApp Files by using the Premium storage service level. There will be 1,000 contractors coming onboard for a short duration to assist with project work, and each one of them requires virtual desktop access. In this scenario, which three actions address the short-term performance demand without affecting the latency of existing users? (Choose three.)

A.    Use FlexCache.
B.    Increase the volume quota on Azure NetApp Files.
C.    Change the Azure NetApp Files service level to Ultra Storage.
D.    Increase the capacity pool on Azure NetApp Files.
E.    Enable encryption on Azure NetApp Files.

Answer: BCD

An IT organization transformed from an asset-based management approach into a service-provider approach by implementing adaptive QoS and multiple points of automation. Now, performance and cost of the system are predictable. Which two metrics would the organization start to report after such a transition? (Choose two.)

A.    throughput for each storage array
B.    IOPS per TB per month
C.    cost per GB per month by service level
D.    latency per each storage volume

Answer: BC

You want to deploy a NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA pair on Google Cloud. In this scenario, what is the minimum supported network configuration for Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)?

A.    four dedicated VPCs
B.    one shared VPC and three dedicated VPCs
C.    four shared VPCs
D.    one dedicated VPC and three shared VPCs

Answer: B

An administrator notices that disks need to be added to increase capacity in NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Azure deployed as an HA pair. The administrator is preparing to use the Azure portal to add the disks. As a cloud architect, what would you tell the administrator to do in this situation?

A.    Use NetApp System Manager to log into Cloud Volumes ONTAP and add disks to the right node.
B.    Use NetApp Cloud Manager to add disks to the aggregate.
C.    Use the CLI to log into Cloud Volumes ONTAP and add disks to the right node.
D.    Use the Azure portal to navigate to the storage account and add a new Blob container.

Answer: C

You want to deploy NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP In AWS using NetApp Cloud Manager. In this scenario, which two network protocols need to be specified in the security group rules to initiate a connection with your AWS tenant? (Choose two.)

A.    LDAP
B.    SSH
C.    ICMP

Answer: AB

Your company has just merged with another organization. You are responsible for connecting both companies by designing a new multi-region cloud service in Microsoft Azure. Both company’s Azure subscriptions and tenants have been merged already. You want to enable cross-region connectivity between the new services and endpoints. In this scenario, which service do you consider?

A.    ExpressRoute.
B.    VNet Peering.
C.    Service endpoints.
D.    Site-to-Site VPN.

Answer: A

You are designing an automation solution that you will use across both on-premises and cloud-based NetApp ONTAP systems. You want a single automation solution for both locations to reduce the administrative overhead. In this scenario, which two automation tools would you use? (Choose two.)

A.    Ansible
B.    Rest API
C.    ARM
D.    CloudFormation

Answer: BC

Your manager asks you to include steps in your NetApp Hybrid cloud deployment to reduce the risk of a developer accidentally interfering with your mission-critical applications that are in production. In this scenario, which step would you perform?

A.    Identify federated NetApp Cloud Manager’s identity to your company’s SSO.
B.    Use dedicated NetApp Cloud Manager accounts for development and production environments.
C.    Isolate the production’s VPC network from the development’s VPC network.
D.    Enable multifactor authentication (MFA) for privileged administrators to access NetApp ONTAP software and NetApp Cloud Manager.

Answer: C

One volume on your NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP High-Availablllty (HA) cluster has reached a capacity limit. Which two actions would address this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Create another storage virtual machine (SVM) on your Cloud Volumes ONTAP node.
B.    Migrate aggregates to the standby node in your Cloud Volumes ONTAP cluster.
C.    Move volumes to another aggregate on the same system.
D.    Move volumes to another Cloud Volumes ONTAP system.

Answer: BC

You are asked to design a monitoring solution for your Cloud Volumes ONTAP environment for AWS. You decide to enable the Monitoring service in Cloud Manager. In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A.    You must configure alerts through the Cloud Insights user interface.
B.    The Monitoring service displays the performance of clusters using the Active IQ page in NetApp Cloud Manager.
C.    You must have a pre-existing NetApp Cloud Insights tenant to enable the Monitoring service.
D.    The Monitoring service deploys a virtual machine into your VPC.

Answer: BC

You are designing a highly available solution based on NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP that will be deployed in Google Cloud. The solution will need to grow over time to meet demand. In this scenario, when adding disks, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Cloud Manager creates a mirrored aggregate.
B.    Cloud Manager adds a new Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance.
C.    Cloud Manager allocates disks to both nodes.
D.    Cloud Manager allocates disks to one node.

Answer: BC

You are designing a solution that will use NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure. The deployment and ongoing management of the solution should be able to be automated. In this scenario, which three automation methods would you include? (Choose three.)

A.    ARM
B.    Ansible
C.    CloudFormation
D.    NetApp Manageability SDK
E.    Rest API

Answer: BCD

Your customer wants to migrate from an on-premises backup and recovery architecture to a public cloud target solution. Which two factors should be considered when designing this solution? (Choose two.)

A.    recovery point objective
B.    recovery time objective
C.    media format
D.    mean time to repair

Answer: BC


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