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Which two statements about NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP licenses are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Having an Essentials package enables you to convert to another licensing option.
B.    Capacity-based license packages support only single-node configurations.
C.    BYOL licenses are purchased directly from NetApp.
D.    AWS Marketplace contracts cannot be mixed with BYOL.

Answer: BC

You have a 4-node NetApp ONTAP 9.8 cluster with an AFF A400 HA pair and a FAS8300 HA pair with 16 TB NL-SAS drives. You are asked to automatically tier 150 TB of Snapshot copy data from the AFF A400 aggregates to the FAS8300. In this scenario, which ONTAP license must be added to the cluster to accomplish this task?

A.    S3 license.
B.    VE license.
C.    TPM license.
D.    FabricPool license.

Answer: C

A customer enabled NFSv4.0 on an SVM and changed the client mount from NFSv3 to NFSv4. Afterwards, the customer found that the directory owner was changed from root to nobody. In this scenario, which statement is true?

A.    The customer did not configure name services on the SVM.
B.    The clients must be restarted to start using NFSv4.
C.    The export policy is not configured properly.
D.    The ID mapping domains do not match between the client and server.

Answer: C

You have a customer complaining of long build times from their NetApp ONTAP-based datastores. They provided you packet traces from the controller and client. Analysis of these traces shows an average service response time of 1 ms. QoS output confirms the same. The client traces are reporting an average of 15 ms in the same time period. In this situation, what would be your next step?

A.    The cluster is responding slowly and requires further investigation using performance archives.
B.    The client that reports high latency should be investigated.
C.    The cluster interconnects should be investigated.
D.    A sync core should be triggered.

Answer: B

You created a new NetApp ONTAP FlexGroup volume spanning 6 nodes and 12 aggregates with a total size of 4 TB. You added millions of files to the FlexGroup volume with a flat directory structure totaling 2 TB, and you receive an out of apace error message on your host. What would cause this error?

A.    The maximum number of volume constituents has been reached in the ONTAP software.
B.    All constituent volumes are full.
C.    The inode limit is exceeded in the ONTAP software.
D.    The maxdirsize is exceeded in the ONTAP software.

Answer: C

Your customer mentions that they have accidentally destroyed both root aggregates in their two-node cluster. In this scenario, what are two actions that must be performed? (Choose two.)

A.    Rejoin the second node to the re-created cluster.
B.    Re-create the cluster from the local backup.
C.    Install ONTAP from a USB device.
D.    Re-create the cluster from the remote backup.

Answer: AC

You just used the CLI to create a NetApp ONTAP FlexGroup Volume on a NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance. After creation, you notice odd behavior in NetApp Cloud Manager. In this scenario, what is the reason for this behavior?

A.    Cloud Volumes ONTAP does not support FlexGroup volumes.
B.    The Capacity Management Mode within Cloud Manager should be set to Manual.
C.    The Capacity Management Mode within Cloud Manager should be set to Automatic.
D.    Cloud Manager must be used to provision the FlexGroup volume.

Answer: D

You have a new VMware vSphere cluster with ESXi 7.0U2 hosts. The hosts are connected to a 4-node AFF A400 NetApp ONTAP 9.8 cluster with FC LUNs. You have a requirement to identify and follow I/Os from each VM on the shared FC LUN-backed datastores for troubleshooting purposes. In this scenario, which VMware feature Is supported by ONTAP software to accomplish this task?

A.    Network I/O Control (NIOC)
B.    Virtual machine ID (VMID)
C.    Storage I/O Control (SIOC)
D.    vSphere Cluster Services (vCLS)

Answer: D

Your customer installed the shelf firmware for their NS224 shelf over a week ago, and the firmware has not upgraded on shelf 1 module B. The customer wants to know what the next steps would be to get the firmware upgraded after verifying that the shelf firmware is indeed loaded onto the system. Which step would you perform to complete the firmware upgrade?

A.    Reseat the NSM100 module.
B.    Reseat the disk in Bay 0.
C.    Power cycle the shelf.
D.    Reseat the PSU of the shelf.

Answer: C

After expanding a two-node AFF A300 cluster with two AFF A700 nodes, you observe latencies when data is accessed indirectly. The system node run -node -command netstat command shows retransmits and packet drops on the LIFs. The AFF A700 nodes with 40 Gbps and the AFF A300 connect with 10 Gbps to the cluster interconnect. You are using Cisco Nexus 3132Q cluster interconnect switches. You just updated to ONTAP 9.8 software. In this scenario, what is causing this problem?

A.    The 10 Gbps to 10 Gbps cluster interconnect is creating a speed mismatch.
B.    AFF A300 and AFF A700 node mixing is not supported in ONTAP 9.8 software.
C.    The AFF A300 is using an adapter card for the cluster interconnect, but only onboard ports are supported.
D.    There is an NXOS firmware mismatch, verify in the Interoperability Matrix for a supported version.

Answer: A

Which two throughput elements are controlled by host applications? (Choose two.)

A.    operation size
B.    Jitter
C.    concurrency
D.    latency

Answer: BD

Your customer noticed in NetApp Active IQ that their NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure HA solution is no longer sending AutoSupport messages over HTTPS. A support ticket has been opened to find out why. No changes have been made to the Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure HA environment. In this scenario, which two autosupport command parameters should be used to validate that AutoSupport is working properly? (Choose two.)

A.    -mail-hosts
B.    -transport
C.    -proxy-url
D.    -to

Answer: AC

You want to assign storage access to an NVMe protocol host. Which three objects must be configured to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

A.    the NVMe subsystem
B.    the NVMe broadcast domain
C.    an NVMe LIF
D.    the NVMe namespace
E.    an NVMe LUN

Answer: ABC

A customer with an FC MetroCluster configuration that is running NetApp ONTAP 9.8 software experienced a site outage and wants to know why the MetroClusler configuration did not switch over to the other site. What are two reasons for this problem? (Choose two.)

A.    There was a failed PSU in the switchover site.
B.    The ISLs were down between the sites.
C.    The site had unmirrored aggregates.
D.    An ISL link was not operating at 16Gbps.

Answer: AC

Which two automation methods does NetApp ONTAP Select support? (Choose two.)

A.    REST
B.    Ansible
C.    Docker
D.    PHP

Answer: AB

A user mentions that their home drive, that is an export within a volume, is no longer allowing them to save files. The drive reports that it is full, even though it shows that minimal data is written to it. Which statement would explain this behavior?

A.    The mount is stale and uses a cached version of the volume.
B.    Other users wrote to this user’s home drive.
C.    Other files within the volume are also owned by the user, exceeding the user quota.
D.    The client system needs to remount the export to show the proper space.

Answer: C

After a motherboard replacement on a NetApp AFF A300 in a SAN environment, the customer states that ports 0e and 0f are unable to connect to the fabric. The ports report “offline”. What would you examine first to troubleshoot the issue?

A.    vserver fcp wwpn-alias show command output
B.    system node hardware unified-connect show command output
C.    storage port show command output
D.    vserver fcp interface show command output

Answer: C

Your customer has deployed a two petabyte NetApp ONTAP FlexGroup volume across their 4-node ONIAP 9.8 cluster. They plan to store over three billion files. They want to prevent file 10 conflicts since files are placed into the FlexGroup volume. In this scenario, which two NFS SVM parameters should be enabled? (Choose two.)

A.    -v3-64bit-identifiers
B.    -v4-fsid-change
C.    -v3-fsid-change
D.    -v4-64bit-idantifiers

Answer: AC

Your customer complains about missing volume snapshot copies on a SnapMirror destination. While investigating this case, you notice an executed SnapMirror resync operation in the event logs of the system. In this scenario, what is the cause of this problem?

A.    Newer Snapshot copies than the common snapshot that was chosen for resync were removed automatically at the destination.
B.    The autodelete option removed Snapshot copies before the resync.
C.    Snapshot copies were manually removed from the destination after the resync.
D.    NetApp ON TAP System Manager removed these snapshot copies due to a snapshot schedule.

Answer: C

A customer reports that while Installing Windows updates on their external Vscan servers, clients could not access any files on their CIF-S SVM. The problem disappeared after the update process was completed. The customer wants to prevent this issue from happening during the next patch window. In this scenario, what are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable the -scan-mandatory flag in the Vscan policy.
B.    Update the Vscan servers one at a time.
C.    Modify the CIFS shares to be continuously available (CA) shares.
D.    Disable the -scan-mandatory flag in the Vscan policy.

Answer: AC


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