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You create a 20 GB LUN in a newly created 100 GB FlexVol volume. You then write 5 GB of data to the LUN. You have space reservation disabled on the LUN. In this scenario, how much space do you have left on the volume?

A.    95 GB
B.    80 GB
C.    75 GB
D.    85 GB

Answer: A

A customer has multiple host applications that require FC block storage. You need to gather and validate the customer’s requirements for a supported NetApp solution. Which two tools would be used to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT)
B.    OneCollect
C.    Config Advisor
D.    Hardware Universe (HWU)

Answer: AD

What is a SAN best practice when initially configuring a Linux FC boot LUN?

A.    Install the Host Utilities in the guest Linux OS.
B.    Map the WWPN of the target.
C.    Disable the HBA port with the host’s BIOS.
D.    Configure multipath to the LUN.

Answer: B

A customer has an FC host that needs to be attached to the NetApp AFF A700 dual controller storage cluster. To accomplish this task, which three steps should the customer perform? (Choose three.)

A.    Configure the FCP service for the node that has the LUN that is being accessed.
B.    Confirm that the FC HBA driver and firmware is supported according to the Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT).
C.    Configure portsets to support the availability of multiple paths.
D.    Configure an igroup with the WWPN from the host initiator for LUN access.
E.    Confirm that the switch firmware is supported according to the Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT).

Answer: CDE

You create a new iSCSI SVM and secure iSCSI sessions by using both Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) and iSCSI Access Control Lists (ACL). In this scenario, in which two ways are you securing your iSCSI implementation? (Choose two.)

A.    CHAP creates a hash value for the username and shared secret.
B.    iSCSI ACLs are applied to the initiator configuration to provide an IP address of the targets.
C.    CHAP encrypts all iSCSI session I/O.
D.    iSCSI ACLs are applied to the target configuration to provide an IP address of the initiators.

Answer: AD

How do you configure the iSCSI-SendTargets datastore when the datastore is provisioned from NetApp storage?

A.    You must configure jumbo frames when SendTargets-based iSCSI is used.
B.    Use static discovery to add the target IQN.
C.    Use dynamic discovery to add the target IQN.
D.    You must configure a single protocol on the SVM when SendTargets-based iSCSI is used.

Answer: C

You are planning to set up a new SAN with an AFF A300 2-node switchless cluster. Your SAN fabric will consist of Cisco MDS9148s switches. According to NetApp best practices, which two actions would be required to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    Set the switchport speed setting to 16 GB.
B.    Use single initiator, multiple target zoning.
C.    Use multiple initiator, single target zoning.
D.    Set the switchport speed to auto negotiate.

Answer: BD

The ESX host reports inconsistent performance for iSCSI-based connectivity. In this scenario, what would cause this problem?

A.    The host and storage are connected to different switches.
B.    The flow control was disabled on the storage.
C.    The hardware initiators were used instead of software.
D.    The flow control is enabled on the storage.

Answer: B

What is the supported NVMe OS multipathing stack for VMware ESXi?

A.    dm-multipath
B.    MPIO
C.    NMP
D.    PVlinks

Answer: C

Which resource would you use to verify whether a specific SAN configuration is supported by NetApp?

A.    SAN Configuration Guide
B.    Hardware Universe (HWU)
C.    Active IQ
D.    Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT)

Answer: A

An administrator configures NVMe within an SVM for a test environment. The administrator creates an NVMe namespace and an NVMe subsystem. The administrator then maps the namespace to the subsystem. However, when the administrator establishes a connection to a supported host, the following error message appears: No discovery log entries to fetch. What is the solution to this error?

A.    Add the host WWPN to the subsystem.
B.    Disable the host HBA and re-enable it to clear the buffers.
C.    Add the host NQN to the subsystem.
D.    Use the nvme ns-rescan /dev/nvme0 command to rescan the bus.

Answer: C

A customer’s NetApp infrastructure is reaching end-of-life (EOL), and they want to inventory their NetApp cluster. The customer wants to make sure that the proposed technical refresh satisfies their growing data demands. Which two tools would you use to help with this recommendation? (Choose two.)

A.    Upgrade Advisor
B.    OneCollect
C.    Config Advisor
D.    Active IQ

Answer: AC

A customer is expanding an ONTAP 9.4 switchless 2-node FAS2750 cluster. Two AFF A220 nodes will be added to the cluster. In addition to the cluster nodes, what else is required to perform the cluster expansion?
A.    Additional management switches are required.
B.    An upgrade to ONTAP 9.5 is required.
C.    Cluster switches are required.
D.    Additional DS224C shelves are needed.

Answer: A

What is the recommended minimum of data LIFs per node for iSCSI in a dual-fabric configuration with four SVMs?

A.    8
B.    12
C.    16
D.    4

Answer: A

A customer recently added two nodes with FC ports to a 4-node cluster. Which SVM configuration is needed before the customer creates LUNs on the new nodes?

A.    The FC service needs to be enabled on the data SVM.
B.    The existing LIFs need to be migrated to the new nodes.
C.    New FC LIFs need to be created on the cluster SVM.
D.    New FC LIFs need to be created on the new nodes.

Answer: D

You are configuring both NVMe and FC on the same AFF A700 2-node ONTAP 9.5 cluster. You are also configuring both protocols on the same FC fabric using the same A700 HBA ports. In this scenario, which three configurations are supported? (Choose three.)

A.    16 GB HBAs
B.    8 GB HBAs
C.    16 GB fabrics
D.    32 GB HBAs
E.    32 GB fabrics

Answer: BCD

An administrator is adding new hosts to a vSphere cluster. The cluster uses the FC protocol to connect to a NetApp cluster. The administrator wants to configure the multipathing for the ESXi host. Which NetApp tool should be used to accomplish this task?

A.    OnCommand System Manager (OCSM)
B.    Host Utilities
C.    SnapCenter plug-in
D.    NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC)

Answer: D

An administrator is asked to configure NVMe on an ONTAP 9.5 cluster for host access. Which three steps must the administrator perform to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

A.    Create a namespace.
B.    Provision a subsystem.
C.    Configure the FC port.
D.    Gather the IQN from the host initiator software.
E.    Gather the NQN from the host system.

Answer: ABE

A user cannot add more than one NVMe data LIF in ONTAP 9.4 on an SVM with a data protocol parameter set to nvme. In this scenario, what is the problem?

A.    The SVM data protocol should be set to FC.
B.    The NVMe namespace is not created.
C.    A demo license is used.
D.    Only one NVMe data LIF can be configured per SVM.

Answer: B

An administrator has six VMware hosts, each with dual HBAs that are connected to a dual fabric using single initiator multiple target zoning. Four nodes are being added to the existing 4-node ONTAP cluster. In this scenario, what is the minimum number of FC zones that need to be updated on each fabric switch?

A.    6
B.    8
C.    4
D.    2

Answer: B


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