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An administrator has an AFF A200 cluster at their primary site that is used for FC connectivity to servers. For disaster recovery purposes they want to start replicating their data to another AFF A3Q0 cluster in a secondary location. The AFF A300 is in a site that has no FC or FCoE capable switches, and is currently only used for CIFS data. A cluster peering relationship already exists between the two clusters. Which three additional actions are needed for the data to be ready for access from hosts at the secondary site? (Choose three.)

A.    Create zones with the appropriate initiators and targets for the secondary site.
B.    Enable the iSCSI service on the SVM at the secondary site.
C.    Replicate the data from the primary site to the secondary site with SnapMirror.
D.    Create new iSCSI igroups for LUN mapping.
E.    Enable the iSCSI service on the SVM at the primary site.

Answer: BCD

You have inherited a small FC SN infrastructure that consists of 15 servers (hosts), two Cisco MDS 9148s switches, and a 4-node NetApp AFF A300 cluster. You suspect that your predecessor did not configure zoning according to best practices. In this scenario, what information is necessary to audit your SAN zoning? (Choose two.)

C.    Controller port WWPNs
D.    Host GBA WWPNs

Answer: BD

When planning out a new FC SAN implementation for a AFF cluster, which two variables should be considered for a highly available, resilient solution? (Choose two.)

A.    Length of LC/LC optic cables.
B.    Multiple disk shelves.
C.    Multiple PDUs connected to separate circuits.
D.    Data-fabric zones using multiple switches.

Answer: CD

You want to provision an iSCSI LUN. Which two steps are required to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    Add the initiator IP address to the igroup.
B.    Map the LUN to the igroup.
C.    Add the target WWPN to the igroup.
D.    Add the initiator IQN to the igroup.

Answer: BD

Which two scenarios in deploying ONTAP Cloud are supported by the Cloud Manager tool? (Choose two.)

A.    ONTAP Cloud deployed as an HA pair on IBM Cloud.
B.    ONTAP Cloud deployed as an HA pair on VMware.
C.    ONTAP Cloud deployed as a single instance on Microsoft Azure.
D.    ONTAP Cloud deployed as an HA pair on Amazon Web Services.

Answer: CD

A customer wants to use both Cisco FC and FCoE switches in their ONTAP environment. According to NetApp best practices, what are two requirements in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    You must use single initiator zoning.
B.    You must create interface groups to isolate FC and FCoE LIFs.
C.    You must create a trunk with multiple virtual LANs.
D.    You must not have more than one target UF for the same physical port in a single fabric zone.

Answer: AD

You will be purchasing two high availability NetApp AFF A700s systems. You want to set up a 4-node cluster. Which switch would you use for the cluster interconnect switches?

A.    NetApp CN1610
B.    Cisco Nexus 3132Q-V
C.    Cisco Nexus 5548UP
D.    Cisco Nexus 5020

Answer: B

An enterprise customer has both a NetApp FAS8200 4-node cluster and a third-party storage array in a shared SAN environment. The host servers connect to both storage vendors’ arrays in the fabric. Regarding (he hosts in this scenario, what are two NetApp best practices when performing this task? (Choose two.)

A.    Set the default timeout values and storage parameters for the host system.
B.    Provide isolation between storage systems using NetApp’s multitenancy feature.
C.    Always use the same adapter for heterogeneous storage systems.
D.    Use separate adapters to connect to each vendors’ storage system.

Answer: AD

You are deploying an 8-node FAS8200 ONTAP cluster and attaching to an existing FC fabric. Which two ONTAP features would be used to restrict or limit the available paths seen from the host? (Choose two.)

A.    port sets
B.    igroup
C.    VIAN
D.    Selective LUN Map

Answer: AD

You have a 4-node cluster with a FAS8200 HA pair and an AFF A300 HA pair. You need to migrate a LUN from a FAS8200 node to an AFF A300 node for faster performance. Which method will non-disruptively migrate the LUN to the AFF A300 while retaining snapshots of the LUN on the FAS8200?

A.    You move the LUN.
B.    You relocate the aggregate.
C.    You move the volume.
D.    You copy the LUN.

Answer: D

You are setting up FC ports and must configure the speeds for both the SAN and the host ports. In this scenario, which statement is correct?

A.    Set the target port speed higher than the switch port speed.
B.    Set the target port speed to auto-negotiation.
C.    Set the target port speed to match the switch port speed.
D.    Set the target port speed lower than the switch port speed.

Answer: B

You must relocate a LUN from one AFF A700 HA pair to another AFF A300 HA pair while preserving all storage efficiencies. What are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    Copy the volume.
B.    Copy the LUN.
C.    Move the volume.
D.    Move the LUN.

Answer: AB

A customer wants to move its iSCSI SAN data from the edge locations into the cloud for data analytics, while keeping the ability to access modify the data. Which two combined solutions meet the customer’s requirements in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Use Microsoft Azure compute resources to access the near cloud AFF SnapMirror data for analytics.
B.    Deploy ONTAP Cloud at edge locations find use SnapVault to move the data into an AFF on-premises data center.
C.    Deploy ONTAP Select at edge locations and use SnapMirror to move the data to AFF near cloud with the NetApp Private Storage (NPS) service.
D.    Use Amazon Web Services (AWS) compute resources to access ONTAP Select data at the edge office locations for analytics.

Answer: AD

Which two components must be verified for a supported NetApp SAN confutation? (Choose two.)

A.    host memory
B.    host GPU
C.    host multipath
D.    host bus adapter

Answer: CD

You are planning few a new AFF A700 2-node switchless FC solution with two Cisco 9100 switches. Each AFF A700 will have one 16 Gb port Connected to each Cisco 9100 switch and four FC LIKs per physical port. You want to guarantee recovery from connection loss on a NetApp physical port and you are using single initiator to multiple target zoning. What is the minimum number of zones required to accomplish this task?

A.    8
B.    4
C.    2
D.    1

Answer: C

An administrator is migrating from a third-party’s SAN to a newly purchased FAS9000. The administrator decides to use the NetApp Foreign LUN Import (FLI) process. What must the administrator do for this process to work properly?

A.    Create multiple igroups for the initiator ports.
B.    Create six distinct zones that include specific ports within each zone.
C.    Zone target ports of source storage with initiator ports of destination storage.
D.    Make the destination LUN larger than the foreign LUN.

Answer: C

You have a 4-node FAS8200 A300 cluster that are using ONTAP 9.3 default settings. For faster performance, you move a volume with LUNs from a node on the FAS8200 to a node on the AFF A300. You determine that your SAN host is still using all active/optimized FC paths to the FAS8300 HA pair. What do you need to troubleshoot to move all active/optimized FC paths to the AFF A300 HA pair?

A.    reporting nodes list
B.    host MPIO and ALUA
C.    LUN mapping
D.    igroup WWPNs

Answer: A

Your server administrator upgraded a Windows 2016 Server from 16 Gb to 32 Gb HBAs. The application owner is now reporting slower performance to the AFF A700. Which two actions will help troubleshoot performance on the server? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify the HBA model using Hardware Universe.
B.    Verify the HBA firmware using the Interoperability Matrix Tool.
C.    Confirm that LUN mapping exists.
D.    Confirm that Windows Host Utilities is installed.

Answer: AB

An administrator wants to implement FCoE for connectivity of an AFF A200 using VLAN 3011 for fabric traffic across VSAN 11. When configuring the Nexus switches for FCoE connectivity, which two actions are required? (Choose two.)

A.    Create a new virtual FC interface and bind the physical interface to it.
B.    Add the virtual interface to the VSAN.
C.    Create a port channel and add all the physical network ports that will have FCoE LIFs.
D.    Add the adapter MAC address to the network port configuration where the node is connected.

Answer: BC

When setting up a VLAN for administrative security purposes, which four ports are the only important ports to include in the VLAN? (Choose four.)

A.    Storage Controllers Management Ethernet ports.
B.    FC Switches Ethernet port.
C.    Hosts iSCSI HBA Ethernet port.
D.    Ethernet Switches Management port.
E.    Storage Controller iSCSI Ethernet Target ports.
F.    Hosts NIC Ethernet port.

Answer: ABDF


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