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The maximum RAID group size of the RAID-DP aggr1 shown in the exhibit is 18. You expand the aggregate by 20 disks.
How many of the new disks are used for data?

A.    20
B.    16
C.    14
D.    18

Answer: D

Which command prompt is displayed when a cluster named cl1 is in Advanced privilege mode?

A.    cl1::>
B.    cl1::*>
C.    cl1-01>
D.    SP cl1-01>

Answer: B
The following example sets the privilege level to advanced and then to admin:

You want to permanently reassign ownership of an aggregate to a node’s partner. What should you do to accomplish this task?

A.    Reassign ownership of each disk in the aggregate to the partner node.
B.    Execute the storage aggregate relocation start command.
C.    Execute the storage failover command.
D.    Move all volumes on the aggregate to an aggregate that is owned by the partner.

Answer: B
To start the aggregate relocation process use the command:
storage aggregate relocation start

You want to use UTA2 ports for native FC LUN access. How do you accomplish this task?

A.    Configure the UTA2 ports as target ports with 16 Gb SFP+ transceivers.
B.    Configure the UTA2 ports as target ports with 10 Gb SFP+ transceivers.
C.    Configure the UTA2 ports as initiator ports with 10 Gb SFP+ transceivers.
D.    Configure the UTA2 ports as initiator ports with 16 Gb SFP+ transceivers.

Answer: D
Native Fibre Channel drives attach directly to the Fibre Channel SAN, eliminating the need for a router. NetApp uses the marketing term “UTA2” to refer to a new generation of network adapters that can be configured as either 10-Gb Ethernet and FCoE ports or as 16-Gb FC initiator or target ports.

After logging into an SVM using the vsadmin user account, you are able to see existing volumes, but are unable to create new volumes.
Referring to the configuration shown in the exhibit, what is the problem?

A.    The vsadmin user is not assigned the correct application access.
B.    No aggregates have been assigned to the SVM.
C.    Aggregate SAS_01 is out of space.
D.    The vsadmin role does not have the create volumes privilege.

Answer: D

The NVM Express (NVMe) flash capacity is upgradeable in which two systems? (Choose two.)

A.    FAS9000
B.    FAS8200
C.    FAS2650
D.    AFF A700

Answer: AB
The latest generation of FAS2600, FAS8200 and FAS9000 families now support internal NVMe drives for FlashCache functionality to address this use case.

What is an array LUN?

A.    a LUN provisioned in ONTAP that is mounted by a connected host
B.    a LUN provisioned on third-party storage that ONTAP will use as a pass through LUN
C.    a LUN that is used only as a part of a volume group
D.    a LUN provisioned on third-party storage that ONTAP will use in a RAID group

Answer: B
The Data ONTAP software-based scheme provides ownership control only for storage systems running Data ONTAP; it does not prevent a different type of host from overwriting data in an array LUN owned by a system running Data ONTAP. Therefore, if multiple hosts are accessing array LUNs through the same storage array port, be sure to use LUN security on your storage array to prevent the systems from overwriting each other’s array LUNs.

Which two features are supported by SnapLock Enterprise but not by SnapLock Compliance? (Choose two.)

A.    FlexArray
B.    privileged delete
C.    NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE)
D.    SnapMirror

Answer: BD
Features supported by SnapLock Enterprise but not by SnapLock Compliance include:

An administrator has a 4-node FAS8200 cluster, as shown in the exhibit. A failover process is initiated to reboot node cl1-02.
Regarding storage failover giveback processes, which statement is true?

A.    During giveback, node cl1-01 simultaneously returns ownership of both root and data aggregates to cl1-02.
B.    During giveback, node cl1-01 returns ownership of all aggregates to cl1-02, before reverting the data LIFs back to the home ports.
C.    During giveback, node cl1-01 returns ownership of the root aggregate to cl1-02 before returning ownership of the data aggregates.
D.    During giveback, node cl1-01 moves ownership of the root aggregate to cl1-04 and ownership of the data aggregates to cl1-04.

Answer: C

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