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Zoning by World Wide Port Name (WWPN) is deployed and a host HBA is replaced. Which zone change needs to be made?

A.    No changes are necessary.
B.    The zone configuration should be changed to include the port to which the HBA is connected.
C.    The zone configuration should be changed to include the WWPN of the new HBA; the old WWPN will be automatically dropped.
D.    The zone configuration should be changed to include the WWPN of the new HBA and to remove the WWPN of the old HBA.

Answer: D

Which three protocols can be used for communications between a host running SnapDrive for Windows and the NetApp Storage Controllers? (Choose three.)

A.    http:
B.    https:
C.    ftp:
D.    RPC
E.    ssh

Answer: ABD

Any newly installed system with Data ONTAP 7.3.1 supports which cfmode?

A.    dual_fabric only
B.    single_image
C.    partner
D.    mixed

Answer: B

A company has deployed a NetApp dual controller FAS3100 series with iSCSI. Currently, there are five Windows servers and three Novell NetWare servers connected to the IP SAN. The customer wants to connect an HP-UX server to the IP SAN. Which cfmode allows all operating systems to co-exist in the IP SAN?

A.    single_image
B.    standby
C.    cfmode not applicable
D.    dual_fabric

Answer: C

Which native GUI switch tool is used to manage Brocade switches and directors?

A.    SAN Manager
B.    Enterprise Fabric Services
C.    Device Manager
D.    Web Tools

Answer: D

Which command will display which Brocade switches are connected into a fabric?

A.    fabricshow
B.    switchshow
C.    show fabric
D.    configshow

Answer: A

Which command collects detailed diagnostic information from a Brocade FC switch?

A.    supportshow
B.    showsupport
C.    diagshow
D.    showdiag

Answer: A

Which command on a NetApp storage controller will display the average latency time on a per LUN basis every five seconds?

A.    sysstat -i 5
B.    sysstat -f 5
C.    fcp stats -i 5
D.    lun stats -i 5

Answer: D

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