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Which policy detail should be set if you want a server to be exempt from all power capping?

A.    Create a Power Control Policy and set Power Capping to No Cap.
B.    Create a Power Control Policy select cap and set the priority to 1.
C.    Create a Power Group with the appropriate chassis and set the Group Budget Power Cap (W) to 0.
D.    The UCS Power Cap feature should not be utilized in a FlexPod environment.

Answer: A

Which two are correct about VSAN configuration within UCS Manager? (Choose two.)

A.    VSAN ID and FCoE VLAN ID have to match
B.    VSAN can be configured as fabric interconnect specific
C.    We can delete VSAN 1
D.    VSAN IDs 3840-4079 are not available regardless of the Fabric Interconnect mode
E.    VSAN can be configured as a global parameter
F.    In addition to SAN tab, VSANs can be configured under UCSM Server tab as well

Answer: BE

Which two are true about Fabric Interconnect L1 and L2 ports in cluster mode? (Choose two.)

A.    Fabric Interconnects connected via L1/L2 have to be the same model except during the upgrade
B.    Ports are primarily used for management traffic, but can be used for data traffic as well
C.    Fabric Interconnect ports L1 and L2 are 10 Gb links
D.    Ports can only run as a port channel
E.    Ports can only run as individual links
F.    Ports can run as a port channel or as individual links

Answer: AD

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