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What is a characteristic of a single-node cluster?

A.    It only hosts a single SVM.
B.    It does not have a node management LIF.
C.    It does not have any cluster interconnect LIFs.
D.    It is unsupported in a production environment.

Answer: C

An administrator installed UTA2 PCIe cards into an existing FAS8200 HA pair. The new cards will be used for native FC traffic. The administrator wants to configure the UTA2 ports for FC client access. Referring to the exhibit, which two actions address the requirement? (Choose two.)

A.    Use the network fcp adapter modify command to bring the adapter online.
B.    Reboot the node to bring the adapter online after final configuration.
C.    Use the system hardware unified-connect command to verify that the port mode is set to initiator.
D.    Use the ucadmin modify command to set the adapter mode to FC.

Answer: BD
B: Ports must be converted in pairs, for example, 0c and 0d, after which, a reboot is required, and the ports must be brought back to the up state.
D: CNA ports can be configured into native Fibre Channel (FC) mode or CNA mode. If the current configuration does not match the desired use (here we want to change from CNA mode to FC mode), enter the following commands to change the configuration as needed:
system node hardware unified-connect modify -node node_name -adapter adapter_name – mode fc|cna -type target|initiator
– mode is the personality type, fc or 10GbE cna.
– type is the FC4 type, target or initiator.

You want to replace the key management passphrase of a FAS8200 system using onboard NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE). Which action accomplishes this task?

A.    Perform a takeover-giveback of each node in the cluster to update the passphrase on each mode.
B.    Use the security key-manager setup command to change the passphrase.
C.    Use the volume move command to migrate a volume and update the passphrase during the move.
D.    Use the security key-manager update-passphrase command to change the passphrase.

Answer: D
You can use the security key-manager update-passphrase command to change the onboard key management passphrase.

At which level of granularity would you back up data to tape using the SMTape command?

A.    directory
B.    qtree
C.    volume
D.    aggregate

Answer: C
You can use SMTape to perform volume backups to tapes.

An administrator is designing an ONTAP solution that consists of eight FAS8200 nodes in a single cluster. Each node will use four ports for cluster connections. Which cluster interconnect switch model should be used in this scenario?

A.    Nexus 5596UP
B.    Nexus 5010
C.    CN1610
D.    CN1601

Answer: A
* The following cluster switches are supported:
– NetApp CN1610
– Cisco Nexus 5596UP and 5596T
* The cluster switches use the following Inter-Switch Link (ISL) ports:
– Cisco Nexus 5596UP and 5596T: ports 41 through 48
– NetApp CN1610: ports 13 through 16

Which two data protection deployment configurations shown in the exhibit are supported? (Choose two.)

A.    configuration D
B.    configuration C
C.    configuration A
D.    configuration B

Answer: AC
You can use SnapVault to protect a volume SnapMirror destination. You can perform SnapVault transfers from the volume SnapMirror destination when you want to retain the data for a longer period.

Storage QOS maximum throughput limits can be defined in terms of ____.

A.    IOPS only
B.    MB/s only
C.    IOPS or MB/s
D.    IOPS and MB/s

Answer: C

The aggregate relocation feature allows an administrator to move a ____.

A.    Data aggregate to any node
B.    Root aggregate to any node
C.    Data aggregate to the HA partner
D.    Root aggregate to the HA partner

Answer: C

In clustered ONTAP 8.2, which statement is true about backup vaults?

A.    Only work on qtrees
B.    Work on all volumes
C.    Only work on FlexVol volumes
D.    Only work on Infinite volumes
E.    None, clustered ONTAP doesn’t support SnapVault

Answer: C

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