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What would be the minimum configuration required to support a drawer-protected 20-drive DDP? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    An E2624 with four DE5600 Expansion Chassis, containing a total of 6, 1.6TB SSD and 96, 3T NL-SAS drives.
B.    An E5460 with one DE6600 Expansion Chassis, containing a total of 120, 3TB NL-SAS drives.
C.    An E2712 with one DE6600 Expansion Chassis, containing a total of 72, 3TB NL-SAS drives.
D.    An E5424 with one DE5600 Expansion Chassis, containing a total of 48, 900GB SAS drives.

Answer: B

In the AMW, which tab provides access to Ethernet management port configuration and premium feature enablement? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    Storage & Copy Services
B.    Host Mappings
C.    Configuration
D.    Hardware
E.    Setup

Answer: E

What is the first step when replacing a FRU component on a running storage system? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    Disconnect the cables from the management ports.
B.    Power down the array before changing the part.
C.    Remove the part and check SANtricity for continuing errors.
D.    Use SANtricity to view the target component and place the component off-line or in service mode before removing the part.

Answer: D

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