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During normal operation, a failure was detected on an E-Series hardware component. Which tool could be used to determine the location of the failed component and understand the potential recovery actions? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    Recovery Guru
B.    Host Mappings tab
C.    Real-time performance monitor
D.    Unreadable sectors log

Answer: B

What measurement refers to the number of read/write requests that can be handled in a 1-second time period? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    Throughput
B.    IOPS
C.    Parity
D.    I/O alignment
E.    Read modify write

Answer: B

What is the `base’ host connectivity provided by the E5400 Controller? (Choose the best answer.)

A.    None
B.    iSCSI
C.    SAS
D.    FC
E.    IB

Answer: D

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