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Which Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center VMM feature allows for creation of multiple VM networks on top of a logical network and allows for tenant use of overlapping IP addresses?

A.    Load Balancer Integration
B.    Network Virtualization
C.    VLAN-based configuration
D.    Stateless Transport Protocol

Answer: B

What MTU setting should be configured for VMware ESXi VMkernel Ports and Virtual Switches in a FCoE boot from SAN environment?

A.    9000
B.    1500
C.    1492
D.    9216

Answer: A

Which presents a high level ordering of operations for installing VMware ESXi to the SAN-bootable LUN of a host?

A.    Map ISO image file, reboot server, choose ESXi installer, Accept EULA, Choose NetApp LUN as installation disk, confirm root password, accept remove existing partitions warning and continue, unmap ESXI installation image, reboot
B.    Map ISO image file, choose ESXi installer, Accept EULA, choose local LSI storage device, confirm root password, unmap ESXi installation image, reboot
C.    Boot server, choose ESXi installer, Accept EULA, Choose NetApp LUN as installation disk, confirm root password, accept remove existing partitions warning and continue, reboot
D.    Map ISO image file, reboot server, choose ESXi installer, Accept EULA, Choose NetApp LUN as installation disk, confirm root password, reboot

Answer: A

Which four items are required in order to create a Gold Master Boot LUN to automate the provisioning of Hyper-V hosts using the built-in LUN cloning capabilities of NetApp storage? (Choose four.)

A.    Create additional virtual fibre channel (vfc) interfaces for the Nexus 5500
B.    Creation of a LUN for the Gold Master Boot LUN
C.    Configuration of the Server OS and hotfix installation
D.    Create a new interface group on the NetApp Cluster
E.    SysPrep of the server operating system
F.    Creation of a service profile and zoning for Gold Master Boot LUN
G.    Establish connectivity with System Center
H.    Install Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Answer: BCEF

When configuring a FlexPod environment for iSCSI boot with Cisco UCS, which item should be preconfigured?

A.    All zoning should be configured
B.    Zonesets should be created
C.    IQN and IP address of target
D.    WWPN Pools

Answer: C

Which four are improvements in Hyper-V capabilities in Windows Server 2012 vs. Windows Server 2008 R2? (Choose four.)

A.    Increased cluster nodes supported from 16 to 64
B.    VM guest clustering via iSCSI only
C.    SR-IOV networking support
D.    Network QoS support
E.    VM trunk mode
F.    Live migration with five concurrent migration maximum
G.    Physical memory support up to 1 TB
H.    VM memory up to 64 GB

Answer: ACDE

Which sends support summary information to NetApp through HTTPS?

A.    AutoSupport
B.    FlexSupport
C.    SnapSupport
D.    TechSupport

Answer: A

What are the two expected outputs of network interface show? (Choose two.)

A.    IP addresses of NAS and iSCSI logical interfaces
B.    iSCSI IQNs
C.    Namespace of SAN logical interfaces
D.    System WW node name
E.    WW port names of Fibre Channel and FCoE logical interfaces

Answer: AE

What software program manages a NetApp storage controller with Data ONTAP 8.1 or later?

A.    FilerView
B.    OnCommand System Manager
C.    UCS Manager
D.    Web Browser

Answer: B

When configuring a volume to contain a LUN, which administrative tool automatically applies NetApp recommendations?

A.    Data ONTAP command-line interface
B.    Microsoft SystemCenter
C.    OnCommand System Manager
D.    VMware vSphere

Answer: C

Which guide ensures that the NetApp hardware and software components are supported with the version of Data ONTAP that you plan to install?

A.    KB Articles
B.    CVD Documents
C.    Storage Partition Guide
D.    System Configuration Guides

Answer: D

Which is a post sales implementation configuration and health check tool for NetApp systems or FlexPod?

A.    Cisco UCS Sizer for Enterprise Applications
B.    Cisco Resource Comparison Tool
C.    NetApp Solution Builder
D.    NetApp Config Advisor

Answer: D

Which tool may be used to determine the optimal UCS hardware configurations for SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Enterprise Applications FlexPod solutions?

A.    Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit
B.    NetApp Solution Builder
C.    Cisco UCS Sizer for Enterprise Applications
D.    Cisco Resource Comparison Tool

Answer: C

Which of the following tools is designed to inventory existing VMware vSphere, Linux, and Microsoft Windows Server versions in a customer environment?

A.    Cisco UCS Sizer for Enterprise Applications
B.    Cisco UCS Central
C.    Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit
D.    Cisco Resource Comparison Tool

Answer: C

One of the items below cannot be set for NetCache authentication groups, which one is it?

A.    administrative rights
B.    group name
C.    group password
D.    protocol access permissions

Answer: C

State whether the following statement is true or false. Disk ID is represented in x.y format, where x refers to the host adaptor and y refers to the disk ID number.

A.    False
B.    True

Answer: B

Which of the following are supported interface types? (Choose three.)

A.    ATM
B.    Gigabit Ethernet, copper
C.    Gigabit Ethernet, fiber
D.    10/100 Ethernet

Answer: BCD

For which of the following would the “NTLM Cache” feature normally be used?

A.    EnablesNetCache to authenticate users using NTLM.
B.    Enables the caching and reuse of NTLM challenges in order to reduce the processing load on the domain controller.
C.    EnablesNetCache to cache NTLM-authenticated objects.
D.    Enables cached objects retrieved as the result of a successful NTLM exchange to be served to new users without requiring authentication.

Answer: B

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