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NEW QUESTION 1 To ensure that your customer's cluster is robust and operational, you need to be familiar with configuration best practices. Which three practice rules should you always follow? (Choose three.)

A.    Keep all nodes in the cluster on the same version of ONTAP. B.    Use LIFs with defined failover policies. C.    Remove failed disk drives once a year to maintain minimum interruption in your controller stability. D.    All power supply units should be plugged into the same power grid. E.    Do not use the root aggregate for storing data.

Answer: ABE

NEW QUESTION 2 You just finished an AFF A300 installation with two DS224C disk shelves. What are two ways to cable these disk shelves? (Choose two.)

A.    Use alternative control path. B.    Use single-path HA. C.    Use quad-path HA. D.    Use multipath HA.

Answer: AD

NEW QUESTION 3 A customer has a standard request for information regarding the installation, configuration, usage, and maintenance of his NetApp equipment. What is the appropriate priority level to use when he opens a case?

A.    P2 B.    P1 C.    P4 D.    P3

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 4 You have created an aggregate with one RAID group on your ONTAP 9 cluster. Two disks have already failed and have not finished reconstructing. What would protect you from a third disk failure while you are still reconstructing the two failed disks?

A.    RAID-0 B.    RAID-4 C.    RAID-TEC D.    RAID-DP

Answer: C

NEW QUESTION 5 What are two ways to obtain customer licenses for a new ONTAP system? (Choose two.)

A.    Access the NetApp Support site. B.    Open a support ticket. C.    Access the Field Portal site. D.    Access NetApp Knowledge Base.

Answer: AB

NEW QUESTION 6 What is the minimum number of iSCSI LIFs per node in ONTAP 9.5?

A.    2 B.    3 C.    1 D.    4

Answer: A

NEW QUESTION 7 A customer ordered two new DS224C shelves. The customer wants you to add these shelves to an existing stack which consists of two DS2246 shelves. Which statement is true in this scenario?

A.    You need to order additional cables to expand the existing stack. B.    Mixing DS224C and DS2246 shelves in the same node are not supported. C.    You cannot mix DS224C and DS2246 shelves in the same stack. D.    DS224C shelves are supports with only new HBAs.

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 8 You are asked to install a new ONTAP cluster at a customer site. In this scenario, which ONTAP versions would you normally install? (Choose two.)

A.    the latest RC1 with the included patch level B.    the latest GA with the included patch level C.    the release specified by the customer D.    the latest D release listed for the controller type

Answer: BC

NEW QUESTION 9 You install and apply the NetApp RSCF on cluster interconnect switches. Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    The RCF file enables jumbo frames for all cluster traffic. B.    The RCF file enables IPv6 for use by the cluster traffic. C.    The RCF file enables flow control and is set to receive. D.    The RCF file enables CDP to allow connected devices to discover the switch.

Answer: AB

NEW QUESTION 10 You want to grow your current ONTAP cluster. You have a Cisco Nexus 5596UP that is currently using all of its on-board ports. Which statement is correct in this situation?

A.    Contact NetApp Support to order new switches. B.    Add expansion modules to the Cisco switches. C.    Pull the redundant cables from each node to obtain more free ports on the switch. D.    Add new SFP modules to the empty on board ports on the Cisco switches.

Answer: B

NEW QUESTION 11 A new AFF8200 has a four-port UTA2 adapter installed in slot 2. Using the ucadmin command, you see that these ports are configured for FC. Which port names are correct in this scenario?

A.    e0a/0a, e0b/0b, e0c/0c, e0d/od B.    e2a/2a, e2b/2b, e2c/2c, e2d/2d C.    e2a, e2b, e2c, e2d D.    2a, 2b, 2c, 2d

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 12 You have just installed a new FAS2620 on a cluster site. You are using the USB cable for the intial configuration. In this scenario, what is the default speed for the serial connection?

A.    9600 bps B.    15200 bps C.    576000 bps D.    115200 bps

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 13 You just finish the installation of a single-node cluster. You want to make sure that the cluster backups are saved to a different location. What is required to accomplish this task?

A.    Set up AutoSupport. B.    Enable copy offloading. C.    Set up SVM disaster recovery. D.    Configure a system configuration backup.

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 14 Which two statements are true about the ONTAP 9.5 networking features? (Choose two.)

A.    The broadcast domain is a layer 2 object. B.    The broadcast domain is a layer 3 object. C.    The MTU will be the same across all ports in a broadcast domain. D.    The MTU will change based on each port configuration in a broadcast domain.

Answer: AD

NEW QUESTION 15 What is a node?

A.    A node refers to all physical devices bound together In the cluster. B.    A node is the logical device that shares data. C.    A node is a logical network port. D.    A node is a controller that is part of the cluster.

Answer: D

NEW QUESTION 16 ......

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